8 Things Do not do in Dubai

8 Things Do not do  in Dubai

Dubai is at present the first tourist destination in the Middle East for the majority of tourists from around the world, because of the development that has occurred on society tourist attractions that have been developed. However, this progress tourist polarization does not mean that everything is permissible in this ancient city.

We must not forget that Dubai is primarily a tourist city. From here we are offering you these tips for things that you should not do in Dubai.

Driving rashly

That prevents recklessly in the streets of Dubai, as TP every street and every road signs define the speed limit, so we recommend not to overcome them. Failure to abide by the will to pay a large fine, and driving slowly on the speed line would also lead to fined a sum of money.

Talking on the phone during driving

It is strictly forbidden to use your cell phone or smart phone during driving. It is advisable if you feel compelled to answer your communications to use headphones.

Minimizing Respect

You have to seeing you all respect for the country which visit and you must not show any of reducing the value of the country and aware of their political leaders because it would lead to legal sanctions. show always full respect for the culture of the country.

Drinking alcohol

It is strictly forbidden to those under the age of 21 from drinking alcohol, also prevents appearing in Dubai in the case of drinking in the city, it would lead to the deportation of a person and entering the prison.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke in public places, you have to smoking permitted only in places it would lead to the payment of a large fine.

Photographing people

It is desirable that you shoot people who do not know them, without taking permission, will be exposed to jail or pay a fine, so avoid taking pictures of people, especially those who are in the national dress.

Loud music and dancing in the street

Prevents be loud music and disturbing others high voices, as well as, prevents dance in the street and causing chaos and cause trouble for the rest of the population of concern.


When it is defined as an Arab citizen in the UAE it is desirable that the Handshake first, but you have to wait the first step of it.

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