Best 7 Brunch in Dubai With Affordable Prices

Brunch is one of the most enjoyable meals to be enjoyed with friends and family, which gives a bit of activity and vitality, breaks the routine of the hard working day, and usually prefers to eat a brunch during the holidays. In Dubai offers a range of restaurants that offer the best taste of the brunch taste different The wonderful brunch is a delightful meal, and one of the best places to spend the sweetest times. In our article today, we show the best restaurants in Dubai offering a delicious brunch.

Andiamo Restaurant

One of the finest restaurants to visit in Dubai is the Italian restaurant, located at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, which serves exquisite brunch dishes with a delicious Italian flavor, including meatballs with tomato sauce, steaks, pasta, lasagna, delicious Italian pizzas and other Italian specialties. , In addition to the high-end services and attractive contemporary decor of the restaurant.

Catch Dubai

If you want to have a unique brunch, this restaurant serves a variety of dishes, seafood and international cuisine. The restaurant is unique in its modern, modern and inspired New York City style, as well as the musical background and industrial décor that are associated with the jazz world, the 1960s atmosphere and frescoes. Graphite.

The Tap House

One of the most luxurious restaurants is the opportunity to relax, especially on Friday, where the delicious brunch can be served on the stunning beachfront terrace. The brunch can be enjoyed along with seafood, fish and fish fillets with potatoes, crispy chicken, grilled steaks, crispy calamari and other varieties. Other.

Bistro Des Arts

Bistro Des Arts

The picturesque French atmosphere can be enjoyed in the unique Bistro Des Arts, a French touch inspired by the charm and beauty of Paris. Enjoy the finest times on the terrace of the restaurant on the Dubai Marina. You can also enjoy the finest brunch with pancakes, eggs, French pastries and pastries Crepe and others.


One of the most delightful restaurants to enjoy in Dubai is the brunch, where you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes such as shellfish, shrimp, calamari and fish fillets, as well as meat dishes, pasta desserts, delicious pastries and warm and cold drinks.


Giles’s Le Méridien Restaurant, which offers great meetings on its terrace, offers a range of light dishes as well as a signature brunch featuring grilled seafood, red meat and chicken meat, traditional English dishes rich in sauces, delicious desserts and exquisite fruit.

Intersect By Lexus

One of the leading restaurants in the Brunch, where the dishes contain local ingredients and organic products, the restaurant offers the idea of ​​open kitchen to give visitors an opportunity to choose delicious meals. Among the most famous dishes in this restaurant is a scallop dish with delicious sauce and steaks cooked on a low heat to enjoy an irresistible taste To the quiet music of the place.

Atelier M

Atelier M

There is a range of delicious dishes to enjoy at the Atelier M restaurant, topped by delicious oriental dishes, where you can enjoy the ambiance surrounding the restaurant, while the menu has all the best types of dishes such as chicken, fish fillets and other marine items, And the wonderful taste inside this restaurant.

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