Global Village Open Today with 12 Thousand Entertainment show

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Global Village 22nd session , under the slogan “Come Experience the World” begins at 4 pm today, without forgetting the “happiness” which has risen to its highest priority by assigning its own center to be realized by its various visitors.

The Global Village, with its new session, is hosting the space of the “fantasy land” which is used by its pioneers for its entertainment activities, to start a new stage with a brand that, through the name of Carnival, will acquire games specially acquired to keep abreast of technological development.

Over the course of 158 days, the village expects to receive about six million visitors, and more than 12,000 entertainment shows have been prepared within their pleasure plan, during daily shopping and entertainment trips, which run until midnight every day except on Thursdays and Fridays and public holidays, Night.

The Global Village draws on the slogan “Come Experience the World”, made possible by sailing in the cultures of 75 countries, representing a panorama of various cultures of the world already, especially the culture of the people of the house (UAE).

In an effort to capture the dazzle, Global Village began to introduce its new program features to a media gathering that featured a teaser show by a specially trained artist from Las Vegas, blending around 50 minutes between different martial arts and shows, in a dramatic chase, For the most dangerous movements in cars.

After a brief tour, where the last moments of the opening were seen, in some villages and suites, and the obsession of the managers of the various pavilions by fiddling with their façades to win the title of Best Destination, or Miss Village, as they called it, Enter the audience directly in the features of Indian folklore, and the reception of the village many performances with different cultural backgrounds.

In a statement to Emirates Today, Chief Operating Officer of the Global Village, Bader Anhui, said that many events, chosen specifically to suit all segments and ages of the village pioneers, will focus more on the entertainment and cultural aspects, in order to reach the optimum mix Between the pleasure of shopping on the one hand, entertainment and culture on the other.

He revealed some of the features of a new area for the Games, which was chosen as an exceptional entertainment option, Carnival, which is part of the Global Village for the first time, adding that the region will be a new stage of excitement and excitement for the village pioneers.

He added that the 75 countries participating in the global village this year, distributed in 27 suites, each characterized by external fronts depicting the most beautiful features and civilizations of the world, before moving the guests to a distinct atmosphere inside, and the momentum of the privacy that reflect the atmosphere of the folklore, especially popular markets Handicraft products, and others.

He added that the dialogue between the cultures and their constructive mix is ​​the inspiration of the village’s long message, as a cultural bridge that combines the world through shopping, entertainment and culture in an area called “The Global Village” .

Mr. Al Marri said that preparations for the new season have begun since the closing ceremony of the last season. “With the end of the previous season, work is underway to reach the highest levels of readiness, And to provide unprecedented experiences ».

“With the unveiling of some of the events of the new season, the surprises, which have not been revealed yet, are no less exciting and exciting to the audience, especially as we know that our guests are waiting for us to offer the best in every season.”

The pavilion of Bosnia and the Balkans is the latest addition to the cultures of the global village this season, as well as the pavilion of South Asia, which represents the cultures of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The global village continues this season with a series of concerts for a number of stars every Friday evening, hosting more than 20 concerts on its cultural scene, and dedicated a professional team of 80 people for special performances, including Monster Entertainment and Speed ​​Action and others.

The management of the village has revealed some of the main cultural theater shows, including the Tulls Entertainment Show, which actually integrates reality between the large theater screens and the exhibitors on its wood, the hi-voltage show filled with energy and acrobatic movements.

The global village, which has made major modifications and improvements to its infrastructure, will offer its guests a host of world-renowned cultural performances this year. The new Medina Theater is also one of the fruits of the village administration’s response to media and public offerings this year. The theater will serve as a platform for the country’s various talents to present their performances to visitors.

In addition to the world-class restaurant corner, this year’s destination is focused on connecting with its virtual visitor through innovative community outreach programs that are able to convey the experience of visiting the village anywhere in the world.

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