Safari Dubai .. Heritage lifestyle

Safari Dubai .. Heritage lifestyle

Visitors to Dubai will enjoy a variety of tourist activities that offer more options for the best experiences. From the azure beaches to those looking for luxury, isolation and relaxation, families and surfing enthusiasts, there are new adventures for visitors to Dubai, where sand dunes take you to see some wonderful places outside the city.

Exciting driving on safaris, challenging sand dunes with courage, landing on sandy slopes, re-ascending, and contemplating the tranquil sunset in the desert, experiences give you more energy to spend your day in Dubai before heading to a camp Traditional Bedouin, enjoying Arab barbecues and traditional activities such as henna engraving, camel riding, and oriental art.

Activities include speed tests on quad biking, desert rides, which you can rent to follow the natural sand dunes.

Sand skiing, however, captures adventurous enthusiasts who connect the skateboard-like tool with their feet to slide towards sand dunes.

You can spend one night in the desert if you are not a camping enthusiast. Desert Resorts offers you a new experience, with luxurious villas and luxurious facilities in the heart of the desert, providing you with a haven for relaxation rather than a place to venture into. The most prominent is riding on the camel’s back at sunset on the expansive sand dunes.

Dubai is home to a variety of desert hotels, such as the 5-star Bab Al Shams Hotel, located among the dunes surrounding Dubai, built in the style of a traditional Arab fort.

The Al Maha Desert Resort is located in an oasis of green palm trees, far away in the heart of Dubai’s charming desert, with its sandy dunes and scenic views of the Dubai Desert Park, and plays an important role in preserving it.

When dining, you will find the newly opened Sultan Al Sultan Palace in the desert of Dubai, offering guests a unique experience in the modern city of Dubai, which dates back to the days of the sultans.

In the night sky of the desert of Dubai, the echo of friendly chants and sweet oud melodies echo in the corners of the desert, and the smell of ozzy, khamir and grills fills the walls.

The Palace of Sultan, hosted by Dubai Gourmet, revives the tradition of original Arabic hospitality. It is a lifestyle destination that attracts the whole family and offers its guests the best cuisine and cultural treasures.

Located in the desert of Dubai close to Sheikh Zayed Road, the palace is easily accessible from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The recently opened destination has a striking design, with a public banquet to commemorate the Sultans era.

For safari lovers in the desert of Dubai offers you many unforgettable adventures and experiences. Enjoy your journey, where the tranquility and endless space, in this mild winter climate, you can camp in the desert if you like, and enjoy the barbecue on Semi-fire and glowing coal, and taste the original heritage experience.

Dubai is unique to other cities in the world, with safari on New Year’s Eve, where you can see fireworks from afar, and enjoy the desert breeze in a beautiful festive atmosphere provided by these trips.

When you return to the city, you are advised to visit the City Walk area, which is ideal for the highest fireworks in the world, starting from the Burj Khalifa in central Dubai and being adjacent to Dubai Town, so you can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the finest restaurants in this city. The wonderful neighborhood, and it will definitely be a beautiful night with friends and family.

The experience includes a series of artistic stations, including traditional entertainment performances staged on a stage showing a local boat in the background, allowing families and friends alike to meet and share an unforgettable Arab experience.

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