8 Tips For Pregnant Women To Enjoy Travel

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Tips For Pregnant Women To Enjoy Travel

Tips For Pregnant Women To Enjoy Travel

Many feared traveling during pregnancy, where some believe that the plane ride, for example, may pose a risk to the pregnant woman or the fetus, can also worry about pregnant women from exhaustion and fatigue that may infect through travel, which would rob the fun of the trip and travel.

All of these beliefs prompted us to offer you a set of tips that will make your travel or during your journey pleasant and comfortable pregnancy in the same time period. If you 8 tips for a safe and enjoyable trip …

Before traveling

Make sure before you travel before booking of the question about the possibility of travel carrier on board this Airways, many airlines impose conditions on Ea and pregnant women have been prevented by her stage of pregnancy, may require written consent from the medical point of certified.

What is appropriate period of pregnancy to travel?

What is the gestation period appropriate travel? Preferred travel pregnant women between week 18 and week 24 of pregnancy, since that time, the safest time to travel by plane, and the doctor should be consulted before making a decision.

Is air travel safe for a pregnant woman and the fetus?

Yes it is safe, all you have to do during the travel time is to drink plenty of fluids, The air inside the plane be dry, and try to stand up every hour and a little strolling, and when you are in your seat, you wear a seat belt, with due cum lower abdomen.

You can also request additional airline services, such as the freedom to choose a seat, choice of seat near the corridor from the bathroom, for example, provides you with the possibility of going repeated during the trip easily, or a seat at checkpoints plane provides the appropriate leg space, as well as that you walking a long distance to the airport you can request a wheelchair, and baggage service, as well as other services that may need it on the plane.

Is X-ray at the airport security affect the fetus?

No, it is a metal Scouts used mainly for checking bags, as they are safe for you and your baby.

What are the activities that can be done through travel and those that can not do?

Must be careful of some tourist activities for the holder, such as scuba diving and other water sports, the seriousness of it on women and health of the fetus. It also must avoid all activities that women had been pregnant for the fall, such as ice skating, horseback riding, water skiing, windsurfing, mountain climbing and so on.

On the other hand there is a lot of fun activities that you can do during pregnancy, so Milk this opportunity to experimental something different, there are yoga, for example, and Pilates, massage or massage, swimming or enjoy a walk in nature or on the beach, you can also enjoy taking classes in pottery or make-up.

What is needed breaks during travel?

Is assaulted activities, continuous long shopping trips and sightseeing as part of your travel routine trips? Now that she is pregnant, it’s time to slow down your mood. Have you take a break several times during the day to relax, you is essential during pregnancy so that they can charge energies and enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Do not sit for long periods without movement, because you may for swollen feet and ankles, when you are on the plane or train, Keep your blood circulating to walk down the aisle and practice some simple stretching exercises every hour at least. If you are traveling by car, So try to take a break every 90 minutes at least.
Strip off your shoes and put your feet up whenever possible, your feet may swell during pregnancy, so try to wear comfortable shoes to fit with your feet in this case.

What about food?

Is recommended that pregnant women be meal before boarding a light plane, so as not to cause nausea or vomiting from fatty meal. As a preferred care to limit the consumption of foods causing gas or constipation, noting that the air pressure in the plane variation reason to increase the size of the expansion of gases, compared to the size if the presence on the surface of the Earth.

Vaccines and immunizations before traveling

It is best not to travel during pregnancy to countries that require taking vaccines or vaccines when they visit. But if you travel to a place requires taking vaccinations to travel, see your doctor first to see the safe vaccines in pregnancy and that you need in the country who are visiting.

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