Dubai Metro Map Green Line And Stations

Metro is one of the most important means of transportation and cheap in Dubai and this is because the metro stations are available in all areas in Dubai and this provides a lot of fatigue and time also this, in addition to the simple cost that is accessible to everyone to enjoy the experience and try the pleasure of the metro in Dubai We provide you everything you need to know about Metro Map Dubai to ease you from the trouble of searching.


What are the highlights of Dubai Metro stations?

1 – Deira City Center:
2 – BurJuman:
3 – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank:
4 – Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall:
5 – Mall of the Emirates:
6 – DAMAC Properties:
7 – Jumeirah Lakes Towers:
8 – Ibn Battuta:

What are the highlights of Dubai Metro stations?

1 – Deira City Center

This is the first metro station to stop at Deira City Center and this place has about 340 shops along with the many entertainment such as cinema, restaurants and some cafes, this is very suitable for tourism.

2 – BurJuman

The station is located in a mall of the same name and abroad many important consulates such as the United Kingdom, Egypt and Canada. When the traveler wants to see the Khor area of ​​Dubai, he would prefer to go to the Green Line, close to the gold market, the textile market and the spice market.

3 – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

This station is named after Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and is close to the markets of dignity and is characterized by Indian food and the atmosphere full of joy.

4 – Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

The station is distinct and offers a tour of tourism due to many of the tourist attractions, and that the station has an airway and a length of about 828 meters and has a lot of corridors for different tourist areas.

5 – Mall of the Emirates

The station makes people easily reach the Mall of the Emirates, with ski resorts and pedestrianized passages.

6 – DAMAC Properties

This station attracts many tourists because it is near the Dubai Marina with spectacular views and places to eat at the best restaurants.

7 – Jumeirah Lakes Towers

The station is characterized by its presence in a place filled with high towers distinctive next to the attractive lakes and those areas are distinctive and charming for hiking.

8 – Ibn Battuta

Many tourists are interested in the station due to its proximity to Jebel Ali and the Mall, which is named for the same name and many areas that attract the attention of tourists.

Many tourists in Dubai prefer the metro lines because it is a walk through many of the attractions that many like and come to Dubai to see and enjoy the metro and provides such pleasure in a few minutes, besides providing congestion in other transport and less pollution to the environment and work times suitable for everyone from 6 am until This is in addition to ticket prices which are nominal, low and suitable prices.

The government is working in Dubai to expand metro stations and increase them to save the fatigue of citizens in the search and transportation and reduce the intensity of movement, as well as the prices of very few tickets compared to any other transportation, the prices fit the people and tourists also to be a distinctive tourist attraction and this is a great attraction for more tourists to Dubai, Tourist Attractions.

Some take the metro in Dubai as an important way of entertainment. The metro ride is a pleasure that many people want and enjoy because of the metro’s passing with many important landmarks. Do not hesitate to enjoy this interesting experience. The metro in Dubai is a special and charming journey as it is air conditioned and has the best seats for rest, music and many amenities to make the trip More comfortable and fun too.

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