Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano

One of the international cuisines, which is witnessing a rapid spread in the city of Dubai, Mexican cuisine, which is characterized by its unique flavor with a strong taste wonderful to use fresh ingredients and various spices.

Rosa Mexicano perfect choice for lovers of luxury and Country specifically Mexican food. Maintained restaurant chain Rosa Mexicano for over 30 years on the level of upscale in providing distinctive touch of Mexican day dining.

So it was I have restaurant experience, “Rosa Mexicano“, which offers sandwiches these days tacos Festival, which is a traditional Mexican pies made from tortilla folded or rolled stuffed the vegetables, cheese, chicken, shrimp or short ribs cooked slowly.

My beginning was with the dish famous Jawakamula is a dish entrees consisting of avocado, tomato, onion, coriander, been blend them directly in front of me in a pot stone and served with chips, nachos, taste delicious and can say about this dish is that it was a good start in any Mexican restaurant.

Then I tasted the sandwich tacos shrimp with hot sauce and onions pickled cabbage bread tortilla soft to be completed with the wonderful Mexican experience with an atmosphere overflowing with bright colors and beautiful modern decor with distinctive service made my experience in this restaurant is nice have an impact on myself Mexican is one of the kitchens of my favorite.

It remains to be pointed out that the Rosa Mexicano located in Dubai Mall

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