Friday Brunch Returning To Zuma Restaurant In Dubai

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Zuma Restaurant

Zuma Restaurant
Zuma Restaurant winner of several awards Announced for the re-launch meal Brunch weekend wide popular following the growing demand for this unique meal.

It is scheduled to reopen the restaurant provide Brunch weekend, starting from 13 March Menu will not only be limited to 2015 Zuma own dishes, but also will include the dishes delicious and varied, only be submitted to the Branch in addition to the direct cooking stations.

Brunch and combines on Friday between elegance and vitality which characterize Zuma in a relaxed atmosphere suits families. After eating, children can spend the afternoon in a custom to play under the supervision of professional area, giving parents the perfect opportunity to relax with friends in the main restaurant or at the bar.

Featuring Brunch 2015 stations directly concoction where guests can watch the chefs attending the popular cuisine Japanese like Taco yaki (octopus spherical pie) and dish meat Wagyu shabu shabu, in addition to a range of favorite dishes from Zuma such huge with pepper Yozo shrimp and ribs with sauce and WVU and crackers garlic, black cod Balmizo, which offers on the table by request.

And conclude the meal with delicacies and sweets tropical fruit, in addition to the distinctive green tea from Zuma and banana cakes, ice cream and chocolate flavor, vanilla, add to other innovations of the signing of the chef.

Brunch is served between the hours of 12:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon of March 13, 2015 until June 12, 2015.

Address: Gate Village 6, Podium Level, Sheikh Zayed Road – Towards DIFC Parking
Phone: 04 425 5660

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