3 months Restaurants in Dubai owned by fashion houses

When fashion houses entered the world of hotels and restaurants did not give up the main role in the field of elegance, as the most prominent feature of the restaurants and cafes owned by the fashion houses are luxurious decors with character trendy and high-end service, let us introduce you to 3 months Restaurants in Dubai owned the role of global fashion:

Armani Caffe

Armani Caffe

Armani cafe and restaurant Mediates fashion lobby in Dubai Mall, and reflects the elegant cafe for the brand, “Armani” method, modern lines.
The restaurant offers Italian cuisine from pizza and pasta as well as delicious desserts.

Joe's Café

Joe’s Café

Beautiful views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa “nut” which follows the English fashion mark JOSEPH restaurant is located in the fashion corridor in Dubai Mall and is famous balloon metabolism and black décor along with the famous dishes such as Italian Alroseto but the innovative way in addition to Bdig dates and Aldiles.

Cavalli Café

Cavalli Café

Highlights the signature Cavalli creative throughout the cafe through Nakecat distinctive and special Bcavali chairs and modern-style sofas and other details striking permeate contemporary interior design of the cafe.

The restaurant offers a range delicacies from the finest Italian cuisine and is located in the Beach Jumeirah Beach Residence area.

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