Family fun atmosphere at Riva Restaurant in Palm Jumeirah

Riva Restaurant in Palm Jumeirah

Our topic today is about Riva Riva signature restaurant, which is located in Palm Jumeirah. And enjoy the atmosphere of the place is full of harmony and harmony; where the decor of the restaurant design tropical gentle manner that mimics the nature of his position. Perhaps the most characteristic already this restaurant is that it is a small part of the entertainment complex has an impressive outdoor pool overlooking the sea, in addition to sports and outdoor children’s play area lounge

Varied menu in Riva between fresh delicious appetizers and meat dishes, fish, burgers and pasta. We have enjoyed eating dish salad with tuna, which was followed by fillet steak mushroom sauce; As my companion in this day of fun on Friday dealt dish ravioli stuffed Erkind and who was on the assessment of the extent of the very savory It is also one of the most best-selling dishes at the restaurant.

Also marked by the drink in Riva Restaurant gentle nature and the Pacific islands where they were to provide pineapple juice in the fruit itself, which formed a wonderful natural topical and very cute! The end of the story, as usual delicious dish has partnered fondue dissolved chocolate ice cream with vanilla flavor with a pleasant sips of American coffee.

Breathtaking views of family and happy atmosphere in Riva Riva contributed to embracing it for engagement and wedding ceremonies; where that wonderful marine views and atmosphere of privacy and relaxation, who dominate the place form the perfect combination for this kind of happy occasions. There is a private parking complex is also located next to the entrance adorable shop for the Coordination of bouquets of roses .. What an attractive elements are already those who want to celebrate this special place!

Address: Shoreline Apartments (Between Buildings 7 & 8) – Dubai

Phone:04 430 9466

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