The most delicious desserts in Dubai

A healthy diet often requires that you avoid sugars and sweets, which are usually rich in sugar and calories. But with vegetarian diets and those based on raw eating, a gluten-free diet or vegetarian commitment is no longer as difficult or lonely as before. Fortunately, Dubai offers an ever-increasing list of health options that we encounter in every corner of the city so that we can enjoy the delights of sweets without adversely affecting our sugar-free lifestyle or lifestyle. For your convenience, we have brought together seven of the best and most delicious desserts in Dubai, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about being overweight.

Gossip Cafe & Desserts

This coffee shop is the pioneer in gourmet cuisine, opened by Shaima Nawaf Fawaz, specializing in delicious American cuisine and sweets with an authentic Emirati flavor. For those looking for healthier options, the café offers organic and gluten-free foods.



This newly opened New York bakery serves a modern American menu made from the finest ingredients. The restaurant, founded by Sarabith Levine, has a bakery section that sells Sarapeth’s imaginative jam, along with its signature dessert dishes, which are prepared daily with an enviable flavor.


The Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen

The Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen

Bake gluten-free dishes, such as cakes, biscuits, tortillas, and quiches in low-quality quantities (to stay fresh) in the kitchen of this gluten-free restaurant. The restaurant uses organic eggs that come from open pastures, and can often trace the source from which the ingredients used for preparing food come from.


Kitchen Counter

The Kitchen Counter Restaurant, founded by Dalia Daghmush and Rasil Shalhoub, serves over 14 delicious cakes. Those items that you should taste and bake daily in the restaurant include: low-fat, sugar-free ‘cottage’, ‘eggless’ Cheek Frindley, and ‘dairy-free’ Kau Friendley.

The restaurant is located at Marble Walk, Building 3, Dubai International Financial Center



The bakery offers a variety of delicious gluten-free desserts in the Healthy Mo package, which includes pudding of sugar-free shea seeds, a chocolate cake made from a natural shop, a chocolate cake free of eggs, butter and dairy products, and oatmeal used in making a mixture of cherries, honey and cinnamon .



The Wild and the Moon restaurant, located in the Circal Avignon, is based on the philosophy that food should be beneficial to both humans and the planet and must be very tasty. All dishes and refreshments in the restaurant’s menu are organic, non-heat, vegetarian, gluten-free and non-pasteurized.




Those looking for a healthy break can visit the award-winning Contoure 102, the favorite restaurant for many thanks to its sugar-free and dairy menu, with fresh, gluten-free, vegetarian dishes, which you can choose from.



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