Back Pain During Pregnancy And How To Get Rid Of Naturally

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Many women complain of Back Pain During Pregnancy as it is a common health problems during pregnancy and suffered about almost 3/4 of women at some point in pregnancy. According to the American Association of pregnant women that there are between 50-70% suffer from backache prints pregnancy. However, there are a lot of ways that you can do to ease the discomfort caused by back pain during pregnancy period.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

The causes of back pain during pregnancy

Bones and joints associated with strong tissue called ligaments. In the body during pregnancy hormone relaxin resolves ligaments it produces. This process starts in the early period of pregnancy during the 10-14 week relaxin level up to the peak. So if   back pain in the early period of pregnancy, the hormone relaxin increase is the reason. It is common to have lower back pain in the first trimester of pregnancy.

And increasing pain going into the second and third trimester of pregnancy due to the increased weight of the child and the expansion of the uterus and lead to fatigue, ligaments and muscles. Also lead to the expansion of the abdominal muscles and put pressure on the vertebrae, leading to pain.

As Ante also vulnerable to lower back pain during pregnancy if you suffer from obesity and will  many problems.

What are the symptoms of back pain during pregnancy?

You will feel the pain of the lower back up to the pelvis, so it may confuse a lot of women between him and pelvic pain. So experts divides this kind of pain into two sections:

Lower back pain

You will feel mild pain, especially when you bend forward. And thus limit your ability to move or the inability to move. It also hurt the lower back muscles when you press them.

Pelvic pain

When loosening of the ligaments and joints occur in the basin result in pelvic pain. Because the back of the pelvic pain occur between the hip bone and the bones of the lower spine and called the sacroiliac joint and result in pain and burning may confuse a lot of doctors between him and sciatica

It may also experience difficulty in doing some things such as the following:

When lifting and carrying weights.
Difficulty getting up from bed.
Inability to walk for a long time.

Methods of treating lower back pain during pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is working to increase the flexibility and strength of the bones are of the most famous ancient traditional treatments and more famous techniques in . ease the pain for many pregnant women to exercise various prenatal yoga exercises to increase the capacity of the health of the back muscles and joints and muscles. Where the yoga also improves the status of the body before birth . yoga teacher in the Boston area that the practice of deep breathing exercises help you sleep better and relax the mind and muscles.


You can back massage to ease the pain you feel in the spine and prefers to focus on both sides of the areas down the spine to the easing pressure on the muscles . Dr. Robert com Doctor of Massachusetts pregnant women massage the back to relieve pain and but keep in mind if you are suffering from sciatica do not Massage this region preferably directly.

natural therapy

In the case of acute injuries Physiotherapy helps relieve joint and muscle pain. Where physical therapy centers offer a range of appropriate exercises for pregnant women. It is noteworthy Rick Mitt physiotherapist in Denver that physical therapy helps pregnant women to do a variety of things such as introduce them to walk the way, sit, stand, bend forward, lying down, method of exercise, health and roads to support the back. And that about 75% of pregnant women do experience physical therapy to relieve lower back pain.


Doctors recommend exercise training swim because it is the most suitable appropriate exercises for pregnant women and muscles get stronger. Remember where Dr. Marie Rousseau in Montvivuora Medical Center in New York that during swimming and rowing, the ups and downs helps reduce pressure on the spine, toning the muscles of the legs and and back. The deep breathing while swimming helps to relax the muscles of the chest and back. We must stop swimming if you feel dizzy and consult a doctor immediately.



If you suffer from lower back pain, try sleeping on the side, not the back and keep the knees to bend one or the use of pillows at the bend your knees or put pillows behind your back.

Wear a belt

You can buy a belt birth of many places online shops or pregnant women care .The belt birth to strengthen core abdominal and spine muscles. Doctors recommend pregnant women using birth employees belt but as a supplement to other treatments instead of being the only treatment for back pain in this period.

Wear appropriate shoes

Doctors for pregnant women are not advised to wear high heels because it is very harmful to the body which increases the curvature of the back, and put pressure on the joints of the spine and hip. So doctors not to wear comfortable shoes and the floor is recommended.

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