Al Asalla Spa at Dubai Ladies Club

Al Asalla Spa at Dubai Ladies Club

Al Asalla Spa in Dubai one of the best five-star spa in Dubai , Its Moroccan designed by architectural style. This is shown clearly in the ornaments and decorations. The resort specializes in many Moroccan heritage treatments such as Moroccan oil bath and treatment of Staff.

Al Asalla Spa at Dubai Ladies Club

Al Asalla Spa characterized by a unique set of types refreshing massage provided by a group of experts massage therapy. Use the finest oils and natural materials to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Al Asalla Spa at Dubai Ladies Club

Al Asalla Spa Offers a variety of therapeutic packages suit different needs. And purified the body such as cleaning treatments, custom program for pregnant women, custom program for brides, a program to remove the hair from the body, facials, in addition to the sauna and jacuzzi.

Al Asalla Spa are endless types of massage refreshing and effective: the face, head, neck, shoulders, back, hands, and feet, and all parts of the body.

Experts treatment skilled Our pool of specialized touch, conventional methods known and advanced treatment techniques to relax, renew and freshness, and access to internal serenity in soul and body.

Types of treatment sessions ranging from skin to re-purify the radiance and vitality of the entire body through the most effective way known.

The sessions include:

• Moroccan bathroom, which is one of the best treatments in the popular resort.

• lye treatment Heritage (mud

• various types of massage and most effective such as: massage moisturizing, shapers, flatten Wolf body, to get rid of toxins “detox”, in addition to the therapeutic types of East and West

• All types of facial “Facial” specialized care.

• Offers a variety of happy with every bride attends the wedding night.

• specialized treatments for pregnant women.

Depend in all sessions on natural materials consisting of herbs and plant extracts as soap Moroccan herbs and many others, and also use products from well-known in the field of cosmetic care and international companies that have proven their effectiveness on the body and face

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 09:00hrs to 21:00hrs
Monday: 12:00hrs to 21:00hrs

Spa is located on the left hand side as you enter Dubai Ladies Club.

Tel: +971 4 3499922 Ext: 400 or Ext: 410

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