Tips For Rent Homes and Houses in Dubai

Tips For Rent Homes and Houses in Dubai

Dubai the biggest residential density in UAE and one of the largest municipalities out, which is world-renowned as it is a center of trade, finance and business, science, arts and entertainment, and urban planning outstanding, as is the largest commercial centers, international and local companies, hotels and tourist resorts, making it a magnet for many of the citizens and expatriates working in the UAE for housing which may be housing in Dubai more expensive than any other Emirate, but the most memorable for its location near the main service area in the country, so when you start looking for rental apartment in Dubai We must identify the laws regulating rents, rights and duties of the owner and tenant and other important Alhawwanb that identify them in the following lines of visits Dubai for the first time.

Information for rental apartments tranquility in Dubai:

– Search on websites: and so browsing through specialized sites in the UAE real estate of all types, as it can identify the best places to live in Dubai, and their prices, and compare prices and features to choose the best and appropriate, with the possibility of communicating directly with the owner.

– Real estate agents: Can the researcher Accommodation in Dubai help of agents real estate to rent a suitable apartment, but first make sure that the agent’s credibility as not registered in the real estate organization in Dubai Foundation, with the need for access to its own identity card before the completion of any real estate transaction.

– Registration of rental contract: should the new static in Dubai rental contract registration through a rental service, which does not count any rental contracts issued by a private landlord, so as to ensure the rights of the tenant, especially in the event of disputes.

– Condition validity of residence: the expatriates in the UAE must obtain a valid residence before signing the rental contract, and in the case as what was the treatment of residence under the procedures, you can get a letter from the employer to do the job, as well as to request a copy of the passport, identity, and checks to pay the rent.

– Access to the rent laws: since there are three basic laws specializes in the rental of real estate in Dubai, and that should be seen by every tenant to ensure their rights and get to know his or her duties, which are:

* Fall laws and regulations for determining the relationship between the tenant and the owner of the property under Law No. 33 of 2008, which came to amend the law No. 26 for 2007.

* The owner may not raise the rent as it pleases, and that according to the law 43 of 2013.
* If the owner of the lifting Rent unfairly, the tenant can sue the owner in accordance with law No. 26 of 2013.

– Non-participation of housing: as the post devoted to a single individual or a single family residential units, may not be involved more of a family in an apartment or villa residential one.

– Payment of fees for services must pay fees for services such as water, electricity, and the Internet as soon as the rental house, in addition to insurance fees refundable AED 1000 for the apartment, and 2000 dirhams residential villa

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