Where You Eat Best Ice Cream In Dubai

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Ice Cream In Dubai

Ice Cream In Dubai

Any restaurant offers a good ice cream is famous quickly, because there is difficulty in unilaterally prepared ice cream and ice cream tasty. Hack In Dubai, a group of well-known ice cream places a special taste,

Ice Cream In Dubai

Bacio Gelato

Bacio Gelato offers Italian ice cream on the way, and can be experimental tiramisu ice cream or ice cream with saffron and rose water.

Billo Ice-Cream

Offers ice cream on the Indian way, you can experience a restaurant Faloodeh Indian ice cream flavors. You can also with chocolate ice cream experience or pistachio.

Ice Cream In Dubai

Flavours Ice-Cream

Flavours Ice-Cream offers ice cream plant in Karama Dubai, where it is used natural materials hundred percent.

Gelato Lab

Gelato Lab is a beautiful place for children and family fun and attractive, based on the Italian taste in ice cream.


Stick House

If you prefer the traditional form of ice cream on a stick carried reminiscent of childhood, the STK House is the ideal choice.

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