Enjoy the month of Ramadan in Dubai

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Enjoy the month of Ramadan in Dubai

Enjoy the month of Ramadan in Dubai

For the month of Ramadan is important for Muslims all over the world. And also when Muslims celebrated the anniversary of the descent of the Quran in the Night of Power. It is known that the month of Ramadan is very important in the Islamic calendar where Muslims the performance of the pillars of Islam and is five fasting month of Ramadan.

You can enjoy the month of Ramadan in Dubai and enjoy the wonderful traditions and hospitality that the UAE is one of the features of this holy month, which is hosted and breakfasts in the most famous places and restaurants in Dubai. Stnbehr and often with the participation of residents of different nationalities together with the participation of the spirit of Ramadan.

Cultural and spiritual activities

Dubai is also characterized by conducting a number of different educational and cultural activities every year designed to educate the public with information about the holy month of Ramadan and how self-control actions during this month. The activities also include annual competitions for the recitation of the Holy Quran.

As for other planned activities on the spiritual side, including tents and markets nights of Ramadan, which stay open until the early morning hours where you can enjoy meals out suhoor, and also provide some broad options for shopping and dining.

Dubai is also famous for its annual Ramadan councils that offer some of the best Arabic food after breakfast every night and all night during the month of Ramadan.

Top hotels, Ramadan tents

Featuring also the Ramadan tents decorated with colorful enjoy different dishes for suhoor meals as well as playing dominoes and other entertaining games.

In Dubai as well, many of the luxury hotels that offer exciting programs for Ramadan, as well as tents of nomadic huge, which can accommodate hundreds of people who are looking to enjoy the month of Ramadan in Dubai with cooking stations and lists of delicious food including Lebanese, Egyptian and Turkish cuisine and, of course, the UAE, It is certainly an exciting experience for any citizen or visitor.

Among the most famous restaurants that you can eat breakfast and suhoor by Marta restaurant’s Workshop and Armani / Amal and Yuan and Indego by Vineet.

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