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Heritage Park Abu Dhabi. . The beauty of nature and the scent of history

Heritage Park in Abu Dhabi

Festooned with Abu Dhabi city green spaces, where paid Abu Dhabi Municipality gardens and parks special attention, as they breather normal for the citizens of the emirate and the meeting place of families, and is the heritage of Abu Dhabi garden of the most beautiful private gardens, it combines the beauty of nature and the scent of history, a large garden built on an area of 6 hectares behind hotel Sheraton Abu Dhabi

Featuring heritage park in Abu Dhabi impressive views, its location on the Abu Dhabi Corniche, the road through towards vegetable market and fish market, a region that spread length of many city parks, such as the main park, city park and then Heritage Park.

Overlooking the main entrance to the garden heritage on the main Corniche Street, where the parking lot, was interested officials garden publish maps and directions in the middle of the entrance, and through paths to guide visitors on places, with plates of conduct to maintain the appearance of civilization in the city, where the tour begins garden heritage from the right side position for cars in the face of an oasis separates the sides of a small wooden attended.

Heritage Park in Abu Dhabi

Mediates Oasis fountains stone base scalable surrounded by a wooden fence heritage design distinctive, at the end of one of the three lanes of the oasis yard games children fall floor of sand to protect children, with a range of appropriate entertaining games for various ages, followed by Square Other games, offset squares children rocky mountain Closed It suggests Bartram natural mountain, with the rocky seats inside adorned with bright lights.

Includes Heritage Park watchtower historic design Old expresses the heritage of the UAE and its history, was built on high above the garden level, it can be reached via runway during a garden paths, surrounded the control tower flowers and herbs, green vegetation, with a number of seats for Visitors, site where the high tower, which offers spectacular views of the Corniche and Abu Dhabi fish market.

Includes Heritage Park Fountain Waterfall which is asymptotic up to the control tower, wrapped around several wooden benches to enjoy the sights of falling water from the fountain, and views of the Corniche water and Mina Zayed, and in the end came down fountain waterfall we get to teacher rocky surrounded by herbs and flowers design back desert areas mountain natural their environment, which The gate for the passage of visitors to the park to a rocky second teacher in the right side.

Spread the garden wooden benches along the roads and pathways, as well as for umbrellas Blindfolded private sessions with large seats are, and with for fans of charming places of nature, as well as large areas of cheerful children freely and safely close to their loved ones.

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