Bu Qtair Restaurant Dubai

 Bu Qtair Restaurant

In spite of all what it is full of His Excellency the Emirate of Dubai and luxurious life in a lot of futuristic and high-end neighborhoods, even today, you can eat fresh fish of all kinds and in all ways prepared for less than seven dollars in the emirate one of the finest neighborhoods .. Where? Near the Burj Al Arab Hotel one of the most luxurious hotels region and the world.

Perhaps the simplicity and stay away from affectation, which are also rare in this region, are the main reason to open the appetite pioneers Bu Qtair Restaurant, which takes the adjacent Burj Al Arab beach steady his title.

Bu Qtair Restaurant small building is a pre-made kitchen middle big containers oil for frying fish, and employs three individuals are moving quickly in order to catch up with the growing demands of customers. The hospitality lounge are no non Tables and chairs Matrix outdoors, but rarely find an empty one because of the high demand, especially in the evening for a meal full of taste and Amadmkhh simple and cheap price at the same time .. according to those who views of customers.

The dish that the restaurant is limited to the submission fried Hamour fish on the Indian way, however, that the high demand for this secretly what certainly, has been associated primarily with spices used and the method of preparation of fish.

In Dubai usually start with low temperatures marked by winter granulated and turned to the moderate weather, people here tend to sit in the outdoor air-conditioned escape from the atmosphere, which is also referred to by Nicholas Restaurant in preference Bu Qtair to call his wife and his mother in law for dinner …

With the passage of time and the place is crowded with applications abound .. and it becomes difficult to get a place to sit. So some prefer to take food to their homes.

It is permanent for Ida customers, a Filipina girl said it was working in a seafood restaurant They come once or twice a week to enjoy a meal freshly thickness of only 20 dirhams cost it (almost US $ 5.5), adding «very delicious and cheap food price at the same time». And explains Muhammad Iqbal, he says: «Everything here is fresh .. and we take into account all factors hygiene in food preparation

The site taken by the restaurant very strategic location directly on the beach is, and it is keen custodians to buy all the fish that grants to the sea and filled the nets of fishermen on this beach. And therefore they achieve two goals: first, selling fish at cost from the sea to the consumer, which makes it a meal suitable for low-income people, and the second to provide the fish perfectly fresh, which already saw .. or as it is commonly called «Bu Qtair Cafeteria » is open to customers in six in the evening after they reach the fish amounts of all sizes noon directly from the sea to be given chefs cleaned and add to the hot spices, and time passes so applications start to flow to the kitchen. » He said «You just can either choose fish that would like to eat or to determine the budget which is monitored for your dinner from 15 to 80 dirhams size, and this of course after that sail in the list of available foods that are limited in the thickness of fried grouper warm spicy or without depending on the customer’s desire.»

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