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Masafi is not only a brand, it is the first home and wellspring of Masafi unadulterated and premium drinking water. It lies among the foothills of the Masafi Mountains in the Ras Al Khaimah locale of the UAE.

The nearby environment has a rich topographical and mankind’s history, lying as it does at the fruitful eastern end of the Arabian promontory. This locale was referred to since Roman times as ‘Arabia Felix’ because of its characteristic wealth, a green and reviving difference to the individuals who had gone through the harsher territories toward the West. Masafi itself sits at the epicenter of a characteristic land aquifer. Rock layers have framed over millenia so as to actually distil and refine the water from this catchment territory over time.As the water goes through the Masafi Mountain aquifer, it trades minerals with the living shake and gathers its one of a kind get together of salts, particles and minerals.

Job Title Location
Vending Operations Manager Dubai-UAE
Business Analyst Dubai-UAE
Van Salesman UAE
Traditional Trade Manager Dubai/Sharjah
Business Development Representative UAE
Oracle Technical Consultant Dubai-UAE
Warehouse Manager Dubai-UAE
Maintenance Engineer Oman
Customer Service Officer (Arabic Speaker) UAE
Sales Supervisor TT Dubai-UAE
Warehouse Cleaner UAE
Warehouse Yard Driver UAE
Preseller UAE
Forklift Driver UAE
Helper Jeddah-SAUDI
Forklift Driver Jeddah-SAUDI
Van Salesman Jeddah-SAUDI
Sales Supervisor Kuwait
Delivery Driver UAE
Modern Trade Manager Sharjah-UAE

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