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Flooka Restaurant In Dubai Attracts Fish And Seafood lovers

It is a meat thickness drenched acid, garlic, olive oil and grilled over charcoal.

Flooka restaurant in the resort and Dubai Marine Beach offers different types of seafood in an innovative way and taste east scrumptious, A variety of dishes between Shawarma and Falafel Fish Fish Fish until sausage with tomato sauce on the Lebanese way in addition to many of the appetizers and main dishes characteristic contained in the list of food such as fresh fish, oysters, prawns and crab.

Consistent decor Flooka restaurant with the nature of the offer of dishes freely, we note swarms of glass fish, which covers the restaurant roof with wood dark brown, which is used in small fishing vessels known as “Flooka” industry, in addition to the broad balcony with panoramic views over the tourist port of Sea Beach Arabian Gulf, the patrons feel comfortable atmosphere, to be a Flooka Forum satisfy seafood lovers and Arab cuisine at the same time.

Flooka provides restaurant guests the possibility to prepare food according to their desire and their application in line with the distinctive tradition of the restaurant, where you can choose between a wide variety of fresh fish, in order to be cooked either in the oven or grill on coal, or oil, Opalmlh rock.

Of the highlights of the dishes contained in the list of restaurant adsorbent seafood, including “sausages” and Hausmk spiced sour juice and pomegranate molasses, It is a meat thickness drenched acid, garlic, olive oil and grilled over charcoal.

The restaurant Flooka perfect destination for families to enjoy the spectacular views freely distinctive and innovative dishes for all tastes attended by professional chefs and provided staff motto satisfy guests of the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa in Jumeirah Road.

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