Emirates Airline offers free Wi-Fi in 106 of its planes

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Emirates Airline offers free Wi-Fi in 106 of its planes

Emirates Airline offers free Wi-Fi in 106 of its planes

Emirates Airline has announced that it offers at the moment for wireless Internet Wi-Fi service on 106 planes from aircraft and it is providing two or three of Taúraha wireless Internet Wi-Fi service each month.

Since the upgrade wireless Internet service early February last and facilitate access to free witnessed travelers who have benefited from the service significantly increased by 25% the number.

Continues Emirates, according to Khaleej newspaper, invest US $ 20 million annually for the installation and operation of the new communication systems allow access to the Internet service in the skies. And on long flights the airline, which increases her time on a 14-hour flight, more than 30% of passengers using Wi-Fi. In a recent New York flights Dubai, the proportion of users reached 66% of the passengers.

Wireless Internet service is currently available on the A380 59 guestrooms Airbus aircraft and 47 Boeing 777s in the Emirates fleet. And 60% of the fleet, the first 10 MB of data is available for free enough to use social networking accounts via instant messaging applications. And the rest of the fleet, passengers can get 500 MB for $ one. Through two services free and paid, Emirates has seen the number of users has doubled five times.

In addition to providing free internet access on the Airbus A380 aircraft, Emirates is supplying all Boeing aircraft and Boeing 777-300R 200R – 777 the possibility of wireless Internet access at a rate of 2-3 aircraft per month.

Said Patrick Branelli, Vice President Emirates Airline passenger service (entertainment and communication Air): “Being a tanker check communication between people and places, the Emirates is committed to wireless Internet to provide on its fleet.  today keen to stay in touch during the flight, and this has become Service standard firmly, and we’re supporting or provided free of charge, and we are working on providing all our fleet by planes for free in the near future. ”

Due to technical limitations of currently available in the industry, such as speed, bandwidth and advanced hardware and supporting software, the fees Avatar still required to keep the wireless Internet service is available and effective.

During 2014, the number of wireless Internet users in the UAE aircraft about 650 thousand passengers, and the number has increased since the beginning of this year to early March / March 2015 about 350 thousand users.
According to the Emirates, the more sites used by passengers is “Facebook” and “Google,” the service conversation via Skype and apply Watts August, reflecting the desire of travelers to stay in touch during their flight.

And is available for travelers on Emirates flights are also other ways to stay in touch, such as the ability to use their mobile phones where this service is available to 75% of the fleet, and SMS messaging and e-mail messages in every seat. And is available free wireless internet also in all Emirates Lounges Hall 37 guestrooms at the major airports in the world service.

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