Quiet Atmosphere And Delicious Food In The Hamptons Cafe

Hamptons Cafe

Visit to Cafe The Hamptons in Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road .. tried some varieties of cuisine offered by this upscale restaurant ambience, quiet, and the author of three floors and includes three distinct experiences on each floor .. The restaurant has a rustic American character and offers flavors and healthy variety of the eastern tip of Ong Island.

I liked the Navy fruit pie made in beautiful pottery as French-style, topped with a layer of cheese and mashed potatoes while contained inside the marine fruits cooked slowly with Mornej sauce and fresh vegetables such as eggplant.

Hamptons Cafe

Featuring dishes offered in the Hamptons cafe using premium products and seafood, and the finest meats, vegetables, fruit and fresh products available in the United Arab Emirates or from the United States or Europe or Australia.

Enjoy this tastefully French dishes with attractive flavors cooked homogeneously in a delicious blend and innovative. Include a variety of foods and dishes such as handmade cakes baked in the oven and served with Devonshire cream and dried fruits, small sandwiches, and tart, and Krustnez different types of sweets Alxller sweets and small tea cake Almelvih felines.

Of the most special dishes Chef: Petever meat Alwageo with mushroom portobello sauce Altervl, kofta lamb with tahini, mint and garlic stuffed in a small-sized croissant, tartar Yellowfin tuna and Tarthlt oranges, shrimp warm spices, garlic, avocado and mango stuffed in a small size with beef croissant air-dried “Cecina de leon” and Parmigiano Regianno Crostini.
And desserts include: Maalafi chocolates and Albarlaan, Xller lavender small size and Hemengberd Cupcake Macaroon and pistachios.

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