Chocolate Festival in Dubai Marina Mall during the Dubai Food Festival

Chocolate Festival in Dubai Marina Mall during the Dubai Food Festival

Celebrate “Dubai Marina Mall” during the month of February at the launch of the new edition of “Dubai Food Festival” with events spread over three days for chocolate lovers. And between 25 and February 27, 2016, will raise the curtain in the “Dubai Marina Mall” from the world of stunning chocolate with a bouquet of distinctive activities that give visitors a chance to taste the finest flavors and buy the best chocolate products in a unique recreational atmosphere.

Chocolate Arts

Chocolate also never seen before! With presentations and workshops shed light on the artistic and creative aspects of smart contained in the preparation of these delicious products. Watched “lineman chocolate” while working on the creativity of fantastic layouts, and looking at statues of chocolate full of minute detail, and paintings drawn melted chocolate. It will be available for children also have the opportunity to participate in workshops, “drawing chocolate” in an atmosphere of fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Fun chocolate without the calories!

Enjoy a unique experience with the world of chocolate-inspired spa in the temporary platforms in the “Dubai Marina Mall” beauty treatments. It is the ideal destination to relax and regain vigor and vitality.

Fashion chocolate

A new concept for the innovative fashion shows during the festival, which will include a presentation full of extraordinary creativity and ideas that go beyond the limits of the ordinary, where designers will set up a variety of beautiful costumes and elegant casings using chocolate only.

Entertaining events for all the family

A great opportunity for your child to spend times entertaining games in the region, “Wonderland,” which includes the magical chocolate tree and participate in a contest to eat ice cream. There is also an open-air cinema which show films revolve around the themes of chocolate, in addition to the platform photo ops throughout the festival

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