Ossiano Restaurant Atlantis

Ossiano Restaurant Atlantis

Ossiano Restaurant Dubai Open famous restaurant in Ossiano Atlantis The Palm resort views of the largest open-water habitat in the Middle East, for introducing tea service in the afternoon.

Overlooking the bay and through more than 65 thousand aqueous object in the Aquarium restaurant will offer snacks fall for the senses are the types of pastries and sweets inspired by the cuisine of the British Isles and a wide variety of teas.

This elegant as the restaurant and the service is a luxurious experience begins with a generous meal of caviar and served with made pancakes from buckwheat flour and sour cream and Alfrc cream and pickled Alchorneshun delicious variety of sandwiches finger including crab with avocado, mushrooms, asparagus and lobster eclairs and smoked salmon and cheese Karim and saffron, grilled chicken pie.

And completed the restaurant experience afternoon tea types of sweets including opera cake and apple cake, vanilla and a series of other traditional cookies. He also Ossiano types such as sweet almond, chocolate and chocolate dates and buns made and others.

The guitarist will present special time in Ossiano to attend during the days of afternoon tea service on Tuesday and Saturday from 2 pm – 17:00 bouquets start from AED 295, including food and beverages are not spiritual.

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