Most Popular Souks In Dubai

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Deira Covered Souk

Is the first market in Dubai specializing in textiles and clothing trade, marshy area located near the bus station.

Dragon Mart

Is the largest Chinese compound outside of China, it spans an area of 1.2 km and comes in the form of a dragon Tarjath.

Jumeirah market

Design holds impression authentic Arab markets, displays many of the goods on the sidewalks there are shops such as spices and lute, gifts and souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry and gold.

As the market contains 22 cafe and a restaurant overlooking the sea directly characterized by presenting delicious dishes from countries around the world, to enjoy a meal to the music quiet.

Dubai Old Souk

Is an alley for the sale of fabrics from which you get the best deals of silk fabrics, cotton, wool and chiffon and many imported from various countries around the world fabrics.

Gold market

Is   retail sale of gold in the world, and is sold in various gold coins ranging from gold bullion until the pieces of various crafts, as well as products for pearls and precious stones at competitive prices.

Carpet market

For those who want to buy a carpet should go directly to the carpet market, which includes forty stores.

Fahidi market

Famed Al Fahidi market shops electronic gadgets.

Important Information Before Traveling To Dubai

Circulating in the city of Dubai currency is the Dirham, which is equivalent 1 pounds equals 0.75 Dirhams, as the equivalent of $ 1 is equal to 3.75 Dirhams.

For the case of air temperate climate prevails in the period between November and March, and the humidity is kept to a minimum, but it rises to a maximum range between June and August to reach the moisture content to 39%, for temperatures ranging from 32 to 43 degrees Celsius.

Events in Dubai Shopping Festival begins in the period between January 15 to February 15, to reach a ratio of cuts to 60% on different goods.

As for the most important are the Dubai Summer Surprises festival of the summer (June-August), which is an event that attracts thousands of tourists every summer from the world, he is the second important festivals after the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The festival features a wonderful recreational programs and events filled with suspense, which encourages visitors to shopping and savings and enjoy themselves. And contribute to the shopping centers during the festival through large downloads on prices on a wide groups of goods.

All shops, hotels and car rental companies accept the deal through the global credit cards approved. Some stores value and gives greater discounts to customers who pay in cash.

Taxis and comfortable operating system counters are available, with the knowledge that it is adding a fee in the case of a taxi from Dubai International Airport.

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