6 Tips For Healthy Teeth

Tips for healthy teeth

The tooth pain impact on the general mood of the human being, where accompanied by some symptoms of headache, difficulty in chewing food well and deprivation of eating certain foods very cold or very hot.

To protect your teeth from of caries incidence notify you by following tips for healthy and free from decay spam teeth.


To get healthy and free from the dangers of dental caries you should be doing by following a healthy diet low fat and rich in vegetables and fresh fruits These foods works to protect teeth from decay and help get a strong and whiter than white teeth.


Of course you know the benefit of the element calcium-rich food intake to maintain dental health, Calcium is the element that works on teeth and bone formation, so make sure to foods that contain a large percentage of calcium, such as milk, almonds, green leafy vegetables eat.


Foods that contain a large percentage of phosphorus intake helps maintain the health and safety of the teeth, so make sure to contain daily meals on one of the phosphorus-rich such as fish, meat, milk, eggs food.

Vitamin C

There are several nutritional benefits of vitamin C, and one of the benefits of this wonderful vitamin strengthen and protect teeth from caries incidence, so make sure to eat a diet containing a large proportion of vitamin C.

Visit doctor

Has to be that you can visit the dentist twice a year to check on the health and safety of the teeth, this method greatly help in protection from injury threats to dental health.

Cleaning teeth

Do not give up on brushing your teeth twice a day using a brush to get rid of the causes of decay and teeth.

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