Top Best Cafes In Dubai Which You Should Visit

Wherever you go in Dubai, you will find a café here or there. Cafes belonging to international chains have decided to set foot in the UAE, or contemporary or traditional cafes that want to be a mirror of the diverse community that combines Arab customs and traditions with the customs and traditions of thousands of expatriates who chose to live in Dubai or even cafes that want to be reflected Of various world trends.

In the following, a group of cafes that must be visited. Each of which has its own character and character in terms of what it offers, its concept and its internal design.


There is no doubt that this cafe is like other cafes that are full of supermarkets or some well-known neighborhoods in Dubai. But the Paparotti feature lies in the bun, which is served alongside various hot and cold drinks. Opinions on this cake may differ, from the crispy cake crust with the finest quality coffee and omega-3 eggs to the center of the soft cake. The cake is baked for minutes before serving to the customer. Papparoti’s first coffee shop was opened in Malaysia in 2003 before arriving in Dubai in 2009 and attracts Emiratis from all over the country.

Ailuromania Café

The phenomenon of “cat cafes” arrived in Dubai thanks to Saudi business leaders Iman and Alaa Ahmed Al Awlaki who opened the Ailuromania Café, which allows visitors to enjoy cats. They chose about 20 cats, some of them were adopted and others were rescued from different places. The selection was due to the nature of these quiet cats. But you can not bring your cat with you, but the cats in the cafe in the section dedicated to them, especially as the cafe includes a region free of cats that offer sandwiches and salads. You have to pay 50 dirhams (about $ 14) to enjoy these cats. The shop’s owners chose the name of the cafe for its meaning, “the intense enthusiasm for the attachment of many cats.” The concept of “cat cafes” is not new. It was launched from Taiwan in 1998 and has attracted great popularity in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

BookMunch Cafe

This literary café is the first of its kind in Dubai. If you like to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the latest books, head to the BookMunch Cafe, which serves a variety of breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes and has a wide range of carefully selected books to suit all tastes and ages. In addition, the café organizes a series of events on a regular basis for all book lovers such as signing new publications, reading workshops and other artistic and cultural activities. If you wonder about the name of this cafe, it is inspired by the book The Incredible Book Eating Boy, which tells the story of a boy who loves books and even ate one of them.



AL BAYT overlooks the heart of the Al Qasr Hotel in the center of Dubai, and we chose it for its distinctive interior design, which has an oriental and Arab character. This café may be the favorite destination for afternoon tea and enjoy panoramic views of Burj Khalifa Lake and the Dubai Fountain while enjoying sweets and a variety of different teas, coffees and other beverages.



This coffee shop, launched by two young French ladies in 2012, has succeeded in creating a reputation for its distinctive idea. It is not a typical cafe, because its area is designed in the form of a house with an open kitchen, a large lounge, a garden and a large balcony where fashion, accessories and elegant furniture combine contemporary designs with a few fingerprints that change with the changing of days. And everything in this cafe, which was collected from around the world with a sale even if prices are a bit high!



The advantage of this café is not its oriental design or its branch in the heart of the desert, but the advantage of the “majlis” is that it offers camel milk famous for its many benefits, with high quality coffee or in various sweets. Camel milk and dates were the main ingredients of Bedouin food until the middle of the 20th century because they provided them with all the protein, vitamins and carbohydrates necessary to face the harsh desert life. In addition, this milk is low in fat (50% less than cow’s milk) It differs from the usual milk flavor.

Rider Cafe

If you are a fan of motorbikes and delicious coffee, the Rider Cafe is the place to be. The cafe was formerly a large industrial warehouse and was converted into a space full of motorcycles and comfortable leather sofas. It combines organic coffee, motorcycles and art to offer a unique experience for its visitors. Anyone who likes to contemplate the various handmade arts of the world of motorcycles or even decide to buy one of the bikes that are displayed, or just enjoy the quiet atmosphere and talk about the theme of the clock, namely motorcycles!

Moka 1450

Was coffee born in Yemen or in Ethiopia? What are the benefits of coffee? What kind is the most delicious? Are all questions that can be debated and discussed in this extraordinary cafe that makes coffee of all kinds its first specialty. All employees are familiar with everything you need to know about coffee. The Mocha 1450 Café wants to offer you rare, high-quality coffee as if you were tasting it in the exporting country. If you want to know the source of coffee, do not hesitate to visit the cafe for extensive information on the subject.


If you want to escape the noise of the city and enjoy the beautiful weather, go to this cafe. Not only is it a quiet garden but also a series of workshops and classrooms specializing in meditation and yoga. Life’nOne is more than just a cafe, not even a center of life, as the founders put it, to invigorate mind and body alike. Enjoy a class or head to the center to enjoy the dishes

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