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Celebrate Holy Month Of Ramadan In Leopold’s of London

Leopold's of London

Leopold’s of London restaurant Celebrated holy month of Ramadan a list of specific food consisting of three dishes made in the various branches in the United Arab Emirates. This year, the restaurant is pleased to offer guests innovative and carefully designed dishes inspired by seasonal ingredients.

In the beginning, guests can choose between crispy calamari, which offers squash and puree with mayonnaise or chicken with green onions and Bakura halloumi cheese, tomato and watercress salad. As for the main course, there is no doubt that the guests Saajabun Pfilah salmon painted thickness Balsmag with fennel salad, radish, mint and feta cheese or shoulder of lamb with peas and fried eggplant and yogurt Balsmag. In conclusion to the meal, the restaurant provides guests with best iced parfait mussels with saffron honey sweet.

Leopold's of London

Provide a list of specific special Ramadan food in the various branches of Leopold’s of London every day from 12:00 am until 11 pm and the price of the meal AED 125 per person.

Leopold’s of London is a cafe by day and restaurant at night and gourmet coffee and tea distinctive types inspired by the whole world. Is a unique destination of its kind and all of its branches is characterized by great detail and stunning design to be beautiful and enjoyable guest experience is based on the quality of quality in all it does the restaurant offer.

Leopold’s of London, which redraws cafes landmarks in the region offers a unique and exceptional dishes prepared from the finest imported ingredients from all over the world offers. The restaurant has branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and each one of which has a spacious outdoor terrace and indoor dining area and each one of them offers take-out service and sell certain types of products such as tea, coffee, chocolate and bread.

The success of Leopold’s of London in particular due to the quality of the coffee. provided by urbanization in the most advanced and sophisticated branches so that all provide laboratory experience to prepare coffee skilled management experts that coffee. In addition, Leopold’s of London is famous for tea in the region so that it offers more than 275 varieties of tea from 35 countries.

Leopold’s of London Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai, UAE address

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