Eid Al Adha 2016 in Dubai

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Eid Al Adha 2016 in Dubai

Eid Al Adha 2016 in Dubai

Eid in Dubai includes traditional events such as: the magnificent fireworks, promotions, offers hotels world, and concerts, which will satisfy all tastes and dazzle visitors to Dubai during the recess of sample

Celebrates Dubai by launching a distinct events managed Hassan hiring energies Youth enthusiastic and framing emerging through the provision of technical and cultural performances allow men the future of enjoying and learning through the entire year, is no exception holidays and national events and the mark for this rule, where they are preparing major demonstrations that meet all the conditions regulatory and technical to receive the best reception, the Eid al-Adha style which is organized by the Dubai Foundation for festivals and retail, which is one of the most important institutions of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. And it characterized these days the celebration of its ability to collect dimensional entertainment and marketing by offering contains months cartoon characters and jugglers, as well as promotional campaigns that offer shoppers opportunities won many prizes and liabilities during the period of days between day 10 and 17 of this month.

The most important cultural performances

Dubai prepared for festivals and retail culturally distinct artistic program combining artistic statures talented and presentations geared for the youth, including:

Fireworks displays

Flames off fireworks presentations on Sunday and continue until next Friday, to adorn the skies a Bjic, compared JBR, offers delightful fireworks, which capture the hearts of young and old.

Showing musician Spark

Testifies Dubai Festival City Mall Spark music show on Saturday, 17 this month, as the audience waits for the amazing artistic performances on the stage as well as charming music and exciting characters.

Showing chicken thief mysterious

Regulating the global animation Looney Tunes series special presentation for the children of Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Mall on Sunday and the next day, corresponding to the 18th of this month, where children will find themselves in front of the play hold them on the imagination to combine education and entertainment Wings interactive.

The life of the jungle

City Walk receives a series of presentations and educational workshops under the title of the effectiveness of the forest, which will be presented for children for a new life to introduce them to the jungle vegetation and ecological diversity in the forest vision and continue these activities until the 17th of this month.

Italians roaming offers

It offers a range of professional Italian artists, among other entertainment and musical performances in the Malls of Dubai, and the Italians their offers moving from one place to another to spread the smile and joy on the faces of young and old.

open Sesame

It is offered comedies deals and supervising the workshops Tzm children in the Dragon 2 market, as children will be able to watch the heroes of the display and capture images with them at the beginning of each show.
The most important performances
Circus Volas

Receives shopping malls in Dubai Circus World Volas, who is visiting Dubai with the assistance of his team in all the world, where the acrobatic movements and offer their offerings with the addition of many satirical cartoon characters to entertain children offers.

Fictional comedy show

Mirdif City Centre is witnessing inter comedy performances to know the children’s art offers the most distinctive style silent theater and juggling in a fun and interesting frame.

Picnic Friends Forever

Dragon 2 market also hosts the effectiveness picnic Friends Forever, which include many workshops and artistic performances and tales loved by adults and children, as well as to view adult bears.

Silent theater

Traveling team of specialists in the silent theater artists between the Malls Dubai for presentations of art inspired by the silent theater to know Okval Dubai splendor of this high art and drawing a smile on their faces.

Couch Offers

Artists offers professional puppeteers inter performances Almtbekrh which met with unprecedented success by Tkulaidahma to form the couch and socialization of children in singing as well as Hrkathma of acrobatic stunts.

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