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Deira Spice Souk enjoyable experience in Dubai

Dubai Spice Souk
One trip to the spices market Horse Railway Street, east of Dubai is not enough to know this world that reeks of cardamom, saffron and natural herbs, nature reduced its resources in piles of spices and herbs along the thresholds shops, and in the corners scattered in the market, and in many natural compounds worth trying.

Spices Market is located in the prestigious area of Deira in Dubai on Dubai Municipality and the old school Ahmadiyya Museum, and is considered the oldest strongholds trade in old Dubai next known gold market, where you can buy special herbs and spices, as well as traditional souvenirs that reflect the authenticity of the Deira neighborhood.

Market includes many of the narrow lanes full of traditional by shops, and can be reached very easily by subway, get off through the “head” station or by taxis available. It is a two wings of shops opposite sides, separated by a side street leading to the ferry port on the bank of the creek in Deira.

And enjoys the spices market with great interest from visitors and tourists, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival, where the organizers of the event are keen to highlight the market as a major destination during the festival, it represents an important aspect heritage enriches shopping in Dubai in general experience.

Spice market has held under the permit obtained by one investor of Architectural Heritage Department at Dubai Municipality to exploit a heritage buildings in Deira to convert it into a luxury market for spices, so as not to interfere with the commercial character of the area, having Rmmth Dubai Municipality became listed on the list of “UNESCO” Heritage .

Featuring market, which some call the “Aldoaat” market or “solutions” market – features the huge variety of spices that give rise to self-feeling that nature smelt of his passes, and the maze of small Dkakinh, and the simplicity of its design, wooden roof, which reduces the moisture, and obscures the sun behind him, allowing the passage of strings of light illuminates a good portion of the place, where the visitor can find what craves rare spices that you may not find in any other region easily. This contract did not fall apart blockbuster trade for decades because the merchant knows that the market will stagnate, and because the buyer is aware that the food without oriental spices do not taste it. Some international experts claim it contains formations seasoning may be unable to know the world’s most kitchens.

Dubai Spice Souk

Market contains many rare spices and spices from India and Iran, as well as famous and which are sold cheaply for flavoring, are also displayed oils East and distinctive perfume at exorbitant prices, which includes 14 stores that operate with an annual capital of 80 million dirhams. Among the shops there are two of them peddling Retail tourist gifts such as souvenirs, and various samples of spices coated small plastic bags, in addition to another type of local, Asian spices and herbs displayed in a small wooden strokes.

Saffron is the most important market products, where much competition between the traders on the quality, so that it may reach a kilo of saffron high quality to £ 5000 .

Spices Market extends in the form of parallel corridors lined with small shops where, presented to the doorstep of different herbs bags, containing shops at home on a variety of varieties of goods, including natural medicines, lotions, oils, perfumes, hair and skin.

It is also market products solutions, which is a mixture of herbal Castor and roses, thyme, fenugreek, frankincense and Alalelan (coriander seeds) and sweet pill, which is used as a treatment for the stomach and laxative repellent toxin after being

Boiled and drink, and the price per kilo than 25 dirhams, and often brings from India.

There is also a similar herbs in effect, including the so-called (Tbejh) which Mahlolha drink in order to get rid of the gas, a mixture of Iranian-made, and are available in the market and other medical herbs, some of which is used for diabetes, along with herbs “Zhorat”

It is according to the shop owner a group of wild herbs that are similar in terms of public health benefits but have some privacy in treatment, a mixture of anise and catnip, chamomile and leaf thyme and flower Khatami and flower violet, and DisplayLink and lavender, rosemary and roses, and drink Zhorat for the prevention of colds

Cold in the winter and the alleviation of disease. Among the most famous herbs in the market as well as hibiscus and is one of the herbs used to reduce high blood tonic and blood circulation, and tonic for digestion pressure, and is prepared
Hibiscus syrup boiling red herb, filtered and added sugar to its water and drink cold or warm.

Market contains various kinds of natural perfume, which brings India and Iran, and some are manufactured in the state, along with local incense, and there is also a corner of the Iranian nuts salted and unsalted and used in some varieties

Food and desserts, such as walnuts, cashews, almonds and pine prices ranging between 30 and 50 dirhams per kilo. There is also the lemon dry imported from Oman, and “Bazaar” which is used in seasoning fish, a combination of several different spices are

Turmeric, black pepper, red, Alalelan (coriander seeds), cinnamon, cardamom, fenugreek, screw and Alsnot (cumin) and (sweet bean) and different “Bazaar” by the quality of the prices, ranging from 30 to 35 dirhams per kilo.

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