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Desert Safari Dubai , How to Choose the Best And cheapest

Experience can not be forgotten that you can share with friends and family. Dubai Safari is one of the most recommended adventures in the Middle East. Safari runs from morning to evening, where there is only dinner during trips. You can enjoy sand dunes, sand skiing, camel riding at sunset and then go to enjoy barbecues and shisha. Before returning to Dubai, everyone will meet around the stars, campfire and enjoy the belly dancing.

It is the dramatic desert landscapes that make up most of the emirate’s territory. Enjoy the desert safari in the endless sand across the Arabian Desert, and form lifelong memories, at one of the most exciting tourist attractions in the region.

Desert Safari Dubai , How to Choose the Best And cheapest

Desert Safaris in Dubai is one of the most exciting trips in the UAE for you to do whether you are a tourist or a resident , Enjoy the maximum in a day will never forget it

Let’s leave the city with its hustle and bustle and go to the quietest corners of the earth where things are in its simplest form. Start your journey when our professional driver takes you in a luxurious four-wheel drive equipped with all the safety and comfort factors and takes you out of the city and its hustle and bustle to the heart of Dubai Desert to start an unforgettable desert adventure.

It is wonderful to see the sandy surfaces, which change its formation constantly by the light wind and see the golden sand scattered here and there

Enjoy the sunsets through an exciting safari trip through the Dubai Desert Heights to see the vast expanses of golden sands stretching out of sight.

Take a breath-taking tour, explore an unforgettable adventure in the desert of Dubai and experience the exciting sand dunes where you can enjoy the most enjoyable sand skiing experience.

Desert Safari Dubai is suitable for all people who want to experience a full day of adventure and excitement in the desert and experience the lives of Bedouins and sleep in the tents and watching the stars in the desert amid tranquility and clean air, even those who do not have the whole day can also enjoy a short safari and watching the sunrise in the desert of Dubai This is in the desert of Dubai and more

Go to Safari Camp, one of the largest camps in Dubai to see a world of entertainment in The heart of the desert of Dubai has never seen before, make the camera ready to record the coolest shots

The fun, excitement and adventure journey in the desert of Dubai, with its high and low, with a pleasant debate and hope of life in the desert of Dubai. Relaxation and hospitality at Atlanta Camp Safari and enjoy dinner in the desert atmosphere and watch the most powerful Arab astronomical programs.

Desert Safari Dubai Programs

1 Safaris can be found in hotels, gatherings or as you wish

2 Then the cars begin to drive to the gathering place in the desert (where all the special safari cars gather

3 cars start to take off and from here start safari adventures in the desert of Dubai and enjoy dunes and highlands and lowers

4 is heading to the top of the sand summit and here stop cars and everyone starts to take souvenirs inside the desert and enjoy the view of golden sand in the desert

5 After enjoying the safari in the desert of Dubai and its adventures, cars start to head to the Atlanta camp

6 and in the camp a second pleasure for the convergence of welcome and begin to enjoy inside the camp

7 Riding the camel in the desert of Dubai is as it was called in the past (the ship of the desert

8 enjoy desert cycling

9 You will be greeted with oriental sweets (dumplings)

10 -You will enjoy the taste of Arabic coffee with Arabic dates

11 – For shisha lovers there is a shisha corner for smokers

12 There is a corner of the Arabic henna for the work of fine engravings by specialists in Henna and drawings

13 We also did not forget the children. We allocated them children’s corner to enjoy and play

14 We offer hot drinks (tea and Nescafe) and also cold drinks and mineral water

15 Clothes Corner Khalijah to take souvenir pictures in Gulf clothes

16 Photography with the Falcon Arab and taking souvenir pictures

17 There are some shopping places (for example, bazaar sand-carpeting) for those who want to shop.

18- The program begins with the introduction of three exciting Arabic programs interesting (t story folkloric + belly dance + woolen skirt

19 The opening of the buffet begins and consists of entrees, main dishes and sweets

20 -After dinner, the program begins with the introduction of other sister programs (Gulf dance – group dance 4 people + folk dance + group dance of the mascots) The most powerful program in the desert of Dubai

21 – cars begin to accompany you to your places in the civil

As a result, your journey will be completed by the Dubai Desert Day, and we will unite.

Safari is one of the most enjoyable flights in Dubai

With desert safaris, enjoy one of the largest sand sails in the world, with three hundred meters of sand dunes and wide valleys. Join an exciting trip to the sandy desert with a pleasant organized tour, and spend interesting skiing hours on the steep sandy slopes.

For those who prefer a quieter stroll, they can tour the desert settlements, where people have been living in the same way for thousands of years. Amid camels, tents and beautiful golden sands, allowing visitors to experience a slice of living history.

After an interesting day spent on desert safari , you can return to a comfortable room. But make sure you do not miss any exciting scenes in the beautiful Arabian desert.

Immerse yourself in the sunset over the dunes and form an inexpressible deep experience. While the Arabian sun is low in the clear sky, the scene turns into a dance floor with polished red lights and a charming orange. When silence falls on this great scene, it creates a scene that steals the soul out of beauty. After the desert safari trip, the anniversary will remain with you for a long time.

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