North Deck luxury beachside resort heading to Burj Al Arab

North Deck

North Deck Artificial island sailed from Finland, heading to the shores of Dubai, to coalesce with the “Burj Al Arab” hotel along the North Deck to form the bottom of the most luxurious hotel in the world and in the Arab Gulf depth.

North Deck Island weigh 5 thousand tons of steel and an area of ​​10 thousand square meters and contains two luxury pool, one salt water area of ​​828 square meters and the other fresh water 612 square meters, and 32 cabins, including 8 of the first class, and 24 dedicated to the business, and 400 both shores of the bed, in addition to beach sessions and distinctive restaurants.

North Deck designed steel layers provide shade for fish and marine organisms, and attract marine creatures under the steel base.

North Deck resort island shipped of Finland to cut 8,000 nautical miles in a global precedent, so I left, “North have” Finland across the seas and oceans on January 9, 2016, is expected to arrive to the hotel “Burj Al Arab” mid-February arrival will be lifted six parts and installed on 90 a column of steel piling on top of each accumulated to ensure stability in the water, each of which has a diameter of 914 millimeters and extending in the depth of the Arabian Gulf.

North Deck

The Burj Al Arab Hotel milestone reinforced the Dubai World reputation through innovative events hosted by the playground tennis which was built on the airstrip and hosted a friendly match brought together global players at an altitude of 312 meters from the surface of the sea, in addition to the fireworks displays in the celebrations of the Emirate of Dubai in New Year reception and other national events.

North Deck

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel best known for the white-fronted front that symbolizes to sail the ship, which has a great role in the notification of public events and various events related to the hotel and by either

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