Chill Out Cafe Dubai

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Chill Out Cafe Dubai

Chill Out Cafe Dubai

Travel to the North Pole or the South is no longer the best solution for the people of UAE to enjoy the nature of the snow as long as they were deprived, as they can become after the opening of an ice cafe in Dubai feeling bitter cold bite their bodies from every direction.

Chill Out cafe, which is the fifth of its kind in the world after London, Milan, Stockholm, Tokyo claims located in the Times Square Centre Shopping Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Chill Out cafe is characterized by challenging for the hot summer of Dubai, as the idea of residence in other cities, the succeeded his stay in the Arabian Peninsula area was a big challenge

Chill Out Cafe Dubai

Chill Out Unique cafe which cost the taxi access to him 60 dirhams ($ 16) includes the provision of one drink, and can accommodate up to 40 people, it made up walls and seats and utensils that are used to make drinks and cuisine from pure ice, equivalent to a temperature 16 degrees below zero Fahrenheit

The advantage of the electricity used in the cafe as dedicated to generating low heat, completely separated from the state electricity there is a lot of converters, in order to avoid any electrical outages, noting that the lights used in the shop very nicely made, which are particles of ice, issued shades luminous, and do not lead to break the ice.

And require all visitors to the Chill Out cafe wear coat his fur hat thick gloves mystical and special shoes, and is one of the workers with the help of the customer to wear these special cafe clothing to protect the body from cold air blight, and is available for adults and children and different sizes.

The customer has the right to stay in the Chill Out inside for 45 minutes only in order to preserve his health because the human body does not assume any climate change for more than 45 minutes, and this process undergone scientific studies and medical research and minutes.

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