9 Family Holidays Options in Dubai

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Do you know the meaning of the new word «Staycation» that appeared in the world of tourism? It is an idea that allows you to spend a weekend or a short holiday in the same city you live in. It is the latest in travel and tourism. The aim of the idea is to stay in your city and learn more about its heritage, culture and new places, and family participation these beautiful moments.

What makes this trip unique is that it is free from the hassles of traveling and includes all the family. It is the nicest choice when you decide to spend in a wonderful city, Dubai, which is renowned for its hospitality, ambiance, delicious food and shopping. The region’s premier tourist destination and the first choice for the concept of Staycation.

Dubai travel experts offer the best 9 holiday options with family in Dubai.

1- Luxury hotels and resorts

What do you think of Burj Al Arab  experience or the Atlantis Palm Hotel, the most famous landmarks in Dubai, and enjoy the hospitality of the highest standard. Also worthy of experience are the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest tower) for a luxurious stay.

2. Great shopping experience

Enjoy a great shopping experience when you spend your holiday in Dubai with its famous annual festival (DSF) and enjoy the best moments with the family. Add a traditional and traditional spirit to your shopping experience. Visit the gold market which contains lots of jewelry, diamonds and gold. Or try the city of Jumeirah and stroll through its winding alleys and know its spicy goods, carpets, ornaments and handicrafts.

3 – Learn the art of eating

Dubai is now a place that combines all kinds of international cuisine, as well as a destination for Michelin-star chefs and renowned food establishments that focus on providing a unique dining experience. If you are a food lover, here is this list:

Reflets: French cuisine restaurant run by the French chef Pierre Gagnier.

Birchik: It offers a fantastic ambience overlooking the Arabian Gulf with Mediterranean-flavored cuisine.

Nobu: Japanese food restaurant run by famous Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuzia.

The barn, the end, the oysters .. all of them are luxury restaurants offering authentic Emirati cuisine.

4- Experience UAE Desert

The desert of Dubai offers many adventures and heritage experiences. Enjoy a camel safari at sunset or you and your family camp in the desert and savor the rich and authentic experience.

5 – Sail in Dubai Water Channel

This magnificent region is witness to the past and present of Dubai and has lived through all stages of development. Try one of the sailboats and sail at sunset and enjoy the breathtaking city views.

6 – Enjoy with your children

Spend some fun times in playgrounds such as Kidzania, Legoland and Sega, or go to the beach and enjoy the sea activities. Dubai Aquarium and Water Park are among the best options for your family and family to have fun.

7 – Enjoy the snow in Dubai

Dubai Ski Resort is the most beautiful and exotic place around the world. It has many activities such as skiing, caves and snow parks for children and young people. It is the best place for a fun family day, and do not forget to have a glass of hot chocolate at less than 4 ° C in the Alpine Cafe, and enjoy watching the day-to-day penguins.

8. Try to fly with a balloon

Enjoy a balloon tour over the Dubai desert and explore the vast expanse of a high point. Take a look at the golden sands and learn about many animals such as oranges, gazelles and beauty.

9. Helicopter flight

Getting a 15-minute tour of the Dubai sky by helicopter is a worthwhile activity. The trip will take you to the most famous landmarks of Dubai, such as Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Union Square, Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road and Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world.

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