How to Buy a Resident Visa in Dubai

When you are in any country other than your nationality, you should buy visa to stay in that town. If you live in the UAE, you should know how to buy a residence visa in Dubai. You should also know the type of visa requirements you would like to receive. .

How To Buy Residents Visa in Dubai And Types Of Visa

How to buy a residents Visa in Dubai to work ?

It is the most common type where many go to work in Dubai and then if you are one of them you should buy a work visa or guarantee the companies and this visa will enable you to work in all private sectors and free zones As for the papers required to extract this visa, you first Prepare the papers related to your medical examinations. As for the cost of the visa, it ranges from AED 2400 to AED 4500 as well as 1000 AED. The cost of the medical examinations required for obtaining the visa. Once you begin to extract this type of residence you will only need 10 days To be able to Get it.

The couple’s stay in Dubai

Sometimes one of the spouses is going to work in Dubai and the other spouse is his companion. This does not mean that he will not be able to work there, but first he has to obtain the couple’s residency visa in Dubai as well as the need for a license to work there.
Establishment of real estate investor:

If you are an investor or you own a property in Dubai, you must pay a six-month visa allowing you to present a commercial license and you can extend it for two years or for the price of this visa. The cost of the visa for six months is 1100 UAE dirhams and if you want to get it for two years, To pay 3500 UAE dirhams.

Establishment of a company in the Free Zone

You can also get a residence in Dubai in order to establish a project in the free zones. This is what enables you to recruit employees according to your needs from all over the world. This allows you a certain number of visas and stays depending on the nature of your work and the needs of your company. Purchase of a visa to establish companies.

Business Establishment

Dubai City offers a large number of visas and residences, which are specialized for businessmen and large investors, enabling them to set up their projects as soon as possible and thus increase the volume of investments.
Free Business:

This residence is one of the most common types of accommodation among a large group of employees in Dubai. This residence enables you to work there as an independent or if you are a craftsman to practice there freely and without restrictions. UAE and 16000 UAE dirhams and the exact cost is determined according to the free zone that the worker wants to work with.

There are many other types of residences which require different procedures, including the residence of the sons, which enables the parents working in Dubai to take their children with them as well as the possibility of enrolling in schools and universities there as well as tourist residences specialized in Dubai and this type of residence is always specified By time and place, depending on the place of visit, each of these species has its own cost.

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