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Dubai Popular Markets Capture Hearts Before Pockets

Dubai Popular Markets Capture Hearts Before Pockets

Dubai loves to play On the last chords to create a melody blends eternity and present, emirate contain many treasures that have made it one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, including popular markets that have succeeded to maintain its position side to the latest and malls shopping malls side that abound in the city.

Popular markets in “the Emirate of Dubai” capture hearts before enclaves, between alleys tells the secrets of history and the nature of the present, and odors Oud and incense emanating from the walls mimic the era of time inherent tell about the past Tales, The Random built without any cost, reflect the culture of simplicity and tolerance that characterized the UAE society.

It remains popular merchandise being offered a permanent presence experience with a special taste of shopping, attracts shoppers from all foreign nationals as well as Emirati families to exchange gifts of clothing and perfume, incense and other goods that carry the spirit of heritage.

All that distinguishes the old popular markets, is the idea of the traditional shopping, which is based mainly on the idea of negotiating between the seller and the buyer, to end up on the price suits both parties.

Spice Market

Spice Market: Nature reduced its resources

The “Spice Market” the oldest in the emirate, is located on the north bank of Dubai Creek, was built 160 years ago, called the former “Aldoaat market” or “market solutions” to the proportion of natural herbs that were being sold and used it as a medicine for patients.

Attractive spice old and smells in the market, is one of witness appearances on succession chapters of time in the UAE society, as it smells fragrant Asian spices such as cardamom and saffron (most expensive and rarest), cinnamon, incense in addition to traditional herbs, to bestow odors give the place charm attracts shoppers to him from all over world, what makes it possible to call it “the different flavors and cultures market”.

It features a “Dubai Spice Souk” built with old-fashioned, all bungalows covered with wooden pillars made of “palm fronds”, and containing shops on the varieties of goods include medicines and natural lotions, perfumes, hair oils and skin.

This included “Spice Market” on the list “UNESCO” Heritage renovated it after that, “Dubai Municipality”, and claimed some international experts that the market containing formations spices unable knowledge-month international cuisine.

Dubai City of Gold

Dubai City of Gold

The “gold market” in Deira traditionally a market existed for generations, in addition to selling it one of the largest retail gold markets in the region, being displays treasures from all over the world.

The market includes more than 300 shop sells classic and modern masterpieces, as the market combines the largest selection of golden drafting all the colors that drafted them this precious metal, and through the experiences of some traders, which exceeded the 40-year-old in the field of gold jewelery.

And a variety of exhibits gold shops between traditional products of yellow gold, the most important artifacts of Indian character or European, while highlighting the severity of the Bahraini gold and as one of the products that accept the shoppers, as are pearls and precious stones products in the “gold market” status as sold at competitive prices.

Naif Market

Naif Souq: Features old Arab bazaar

One of the oldest popular markets in Dubai is located within the Deira area, is a shopping destination integrated gathering various kinds of goods from toys, fabrics, sarongs, children’s clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes, accessories, and other what meets the consumer who is looking for prices limited and reasonable need.

And vary in “Naif Souq” goods of almost similar sources, it is mostly made from China or Indonesia or India, as the absence of specialization in one shop notes, while negotiating “Almkasrh” remains, master of the situation in the buying and selling process.

Carpet market

Carpet market: the story of 14-year-old

The foundations of carpet traders from countries across the (Gulf, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan) before the 14-year-old market for carpets, and established market at the entrance to “Mazira” in “Tower Deira shopping” center, with an area of ​​about 64 meters in length, the market absorbs about 40 stores, is sold the different types of carpets imported from Turkey, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia as well as carpets UAE, prices, ranging between a few hundred and several thousand dirhams.

The carpet industry is divided into three sections, which are handmade carpets made from silk, hand-woven carpets made from wool, which is less expensive, and finally automated carpet which is imported from abroad.

Consumer goods market: permanent visitors

Located in Bur Dubai famous for “Fahidi market” shops electronic gadgets, while full of “Cosmos Online market” next door sells fabrics shops of east and west, and are available in the market all products of cotton types to embroidered and lacy fabrics.

The advantage of “consumer goods market” prices cheap, and the enthusiasm of the permanent visitors, as well as vendors that have the method stimulates the purchase.

Deira Covered Market

Deira Covered Market: Pulse of Life

Sabkha area is located near the bus station in the “Emirate of Dubai”, the market specializes in textiles and clothing trade, and today the market has become a favorite destination for those looking for fun shopping in the popular neighborhoods, which reeks of authenticity and tradition, at discounted prices.

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