Best 7 Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Indian cuisine are one of the finest dishes that are admired by the largest group of Arabs because they prefer the taste of Indian spices known for their wonderful taste and beautiful smells, such as curries, salsa and rosemary and other herbs, and there are certain dishes dedicated to it and the dishes of hot biryani and tandoori grilled meat, Is one of the cities where you can eat all of the famous Indian dishes because it includes a wide range of Indian restaurants five stars, where these restaurants offer high quality in the food presented, and in this article we will show the best Indian restaurants in Dubai

1- Armani Restaurant

The Armani restaurant may be one of Dubai’s best restaurants in general, but its Indian section, Amal, is also one of the best restaurants in Dubai for Indian cuisine. The restaurant is dedicated to Indian details, customs and traditions. In Burj Khalifa, where Armani is located, part of the restaurant is located at the top of the tower, where Indian specialties are served by the finest chefs and live shows. The Indian dress and Indian traditions serve the restaurant. The restaurant has won the Best Indian Restaurant Award in Dubai for 2014.

2. “Indego” under the supervision of Chef “Vineet”

It is the award-winning restaurant of the most admired Indian restaurant in Dubai, run by the famous Indian cook “Vineet Bhatia”, the only Indian cook in the world who has won the international Michelin star for the great chefs. Bhatia was able to realize his dream of creating a world-class Indian restaurant that is internationally acclaimed for its endless precision in Indian cooks, its innovative foods and decorations, and its art paintings to entice visitors and taste delicious. Indego Restaurant is located at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Al Sufouh Street.

3. “Rang Mahal” under the supervision of Chef “Atul Kochhar”

The restaurant is located at the Marriott Marquis on Sheikh Zayed Road, run by the famous Indian chef Atul Kochhar, who oversaw the design of the restaurant, which will be stunning when he visits with its huge golden columns, murals and elegant Indian graphics, as well as India’s rich atmosphere of Indian chandeliers and music to the service. The property and the traditional Indian dress are wonderful, and the menu is the most expensive of Indian restaurants in Dubai.

4. Asha

An Indian restaurant with the culture of the tribes of northeast India near Nepal and the cultures of Buddhism, the designs and decorations distinctive, and the name of the restaurant “Asha” in honor of the famous Indian singer “Asha Bhosle,” which fills the picture of the place and there is a definition of what she and her family offers each visitor to the restaurant, The restaurant revives Indian menus, but in a modern spirit, it has spread widely in India, apart from the romantic and intimate character of the restaurant.

5. Aryaas

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai, especially Indian families, located in Bur Dubai on Bank Street, an extension of Aryaas restaurants in southern India, featuring hot and spicy Indian cuisine and food. Flowers imported from India with Indian recipes to make the world famous lentil cake, which is eaten by the majority of Indians in Dubai.


It is the best Indian restaurant with an old Indian character with old Indian rustic decor and adhering to customs and traditions, although it is located in the five-star Taj Palace Hotel in central Deira. Featuring a relatively small space, intimate ambience with Indian classical music and Indian candles, the restaurant offers food with rustic dishes and dishes such as ketchup, wood and old iron dishes, which are so far followed in many ancient Indian villages.

7. Mahec

Mahec  restaurant at Le Meridian Dubai, which offers the most famous Indian seafood specialties, with incredible, incredible dishes, such as the sea and large fish, seasoned with Indian spices and grilled Indian style, the restaurant has a special appeal in terms of its contemporary elegance and perfect service. To Indian seafood is very exciting.

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