How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odor Naturally

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How To Get Rid Of Underarm Odor Naturally

In the summer sweat and odor of sweat breath becomes the only thing I hate more than anything else with less effort with a lot of smells that may not be   of all special smell what underarms and this article will mention how to generate the smell of armpits and how to get rid of them easy and guaranteed way

How unpleasant odor of sweat come

Truth is simple behind generate the smell of armpits, a heavy sweat that may result due to hot weather or because of the exercise and not to wear suitable to absorb sweat or are not exposed armpits for ventilation sufficient cotton clothes for the evaporation of sweat, which is suitable environment to be bacteria that cause bad breath

This article contains a large set of simple and brilliant household ingredients that help in solving the problem of the smell of armpits in content and easy

1. apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar gorgeous and stunning home right component is considered one of the most important natural cleaners smell of race as it is antibacterial, which prevents their formation and avoids the bad smell.

Moisten a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and then used in the survey under your arms. This is going to get the skin and reduces the acidity of sweat and prevents formation of bacteria

Your use of the apple vinegar means that you used a race cleaners type of deodorant

2. baking soda

A baking soda are considered effective in dealing with underarm odor unpleasant household ingredients. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of lemon juice and a good heart and then put it on your arms and try to relax for 15 minutes and then wash with water

* Another method can be used. Mix the starch with the baking soda and put it on your arms as this mixture helps in the absorption excess sweat, which makes your arms straight, which prevents the formation of bacteria

* Enumerate dough baking soda using the amount of water and put it on your arms after a shower it is preferable to put them some drops of tea oil

3. Lemon

Acidic properties of lemon greatly help in killing the bacteria as the acidic lemon helps to change race conditions, which reduces the growth of bacteria

* Moisten a piece of cotton in the lemon juice and put it on your arms

* Put the lemon juice or diluted in one of the old bottles and put   naturally erode your arms every day before you leave the house

4. turnip juice

The turnip holding materials so after age turnip well and extract water placed under your arms, and this is enough to prevent the smell of armpits for a period of not less than 10 hours

5. rose water

No one misses the smell of water smart and refreshing roses. It is also the active ingredient in getting rid of the smell of sweat under the armpits. Using a piece of cotton with rose water moisten your arms and you’ll find that amazing result

6. Radish

Imagine that it has already used the radish in getting rid of the smell of armpits by age Tmrtin of radishes and then place it some glycerol and his heart well and then put it in a bottle and leave it in the refrigerator

When using the former then the mixture well and used his sign first substitute for industrial deodorant

7. alum

Using alum   sweat naturally for thousands of years. Just put some water on a piece of stone alum and gently put it on your arms you’ll find that the armpits may Jaffa on Chaos

8. sandalwood powder

Mix sandalwood powder with water suitable to become a cohesive dough amount and then put them under your arms and leave for 15 minutes then rinse with water and you’ll find that your skin is left dry without smell and without sweat

* You can put some white vinegar on the previous dough and put it on your arms after a shower to work like a natural deodorant

9. tomato pulp

What is left after the liquidation of the tomatoes and put them in a blender his magic effect to get rid of the bad smell of sweat. Place the amount of tomato pulp on your arms for 15 minutes and then bathed then to endure impact in curbing the smell of sweat for several weeks

Some useful herbs to get rid of the smell of Underarm

1. walnut leaves:

It is one of the useful herbs to get rid of the smell of armpits by grinding fresh leaves into a paste and then put it on your arms for 15 minutes and you’ll find that it left a beautiful smell in addition to the dry race

2. lettuce

In addition to all the benefits of lettuce for oily hair it is also useful in situations to get rid of the smell of armpits. Then grind some lettuce leaves to get the oil inside it and put it on the armpits and in order to get your best results use after bathing

3. rosemary

Put some of the rosemary oil directly on the skin or even put your arms diluted with water and you’ll find that stunning results

4. parsley

Parsley for a private get rid of the odor in general recipes so it is useful in such cases. Then grind some parsley leaves and then put it in a cup of boiling water and leave it soaked for 5 minutes then place the water extract using a piece of cotton on the skin armpits

You can also put fresh green leaves are also some chipping on the skin armpits He works Kmazil natural smell of sweat

5. lavender oil

Oil is a beautiful lavender essential oils, which solved many of the problems of the skin is also useful to get rid of the smell of sweat does not need to be some drops of it just to put it on the skin armpits

6. peppermint oil

Mint recipes to allow him to get rid of bacteria using some drops of peppermint on the armpits you can get rid of the smell of the final race also has a refreshing scent and strong

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