Why should I visit The Dubai Fountain ?

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The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain

Between the largest mall in the world (Dubai Mall), and the world’s tallest tower (Burj Khalifa) Water jewel: Dubai Fountain, Fountain Performing longest in the world, as if Dubai each distinguished features of this insists that always be in the lead, and no competitor is falling! We will not exaggerate if I quoted a saying from the view that this area of the center of Dubai (Downtown Dubai) is the (highest) square kilometers in the world !!

The Dubai Fountain offers a musical and optical performances charming, in tune eye-catching nor two differs in being the first tourist destination in Dubai with the most tourists, from all corners of the globe, according to surveys of tourists in the site Tripadvisor, the Dubai Fountain has won the first place among 187 a tourist attraction in Dubai teacher, which confirms that they to say in the introduction to the places that we recommend to visit every tourist and visitor, and even walk in Dubai.

Enough that know that the lights radiated from Dubai fountain can be seen from a distance of more than 30 kilometers and even from space, making it the most radiant in the Middle East point, so we can say it is the right of the Dubai jewel of water, they glow like Jewel in the heart of Dubai thanks to the 6600 Light Superlight and 25 colored light projector generates more than a thousand different aqueous form, with the sound of classical and modern music, from various parts of the world.

The Dubai Fountain

Located (Fountain Dubai) in the best square kilometers in the world, where, surrounded by the Dubai Mall on the one hand, and the Burj Khalifa on the other hand, as well as the sea market, which is also close to the Address Hotel.

From any interface of tourist and recreational facilities of the city, visitors can enjoy a range of water and light and musical performances for fountains “Dubai Fountain” in the Lake “Burj Khalifa”, and each of these tourist attractions importance, and its own which is surrounded all fountain Dubai dancer, and reflect the landscape a distinctive way each Besides, the experiences of tourists tend to have the best point from which to watch Offers Dubai Fountain and enjoy the hotels, and specifically from the balcony Hotel (The Address Dubai).

Apart from hotels, the best option is the one hand Souk Al Bahar, facing Burj Khalifa, followed by the option to watch the fountain of hand seas market from opposite corner of the Dubai Mall (but may reach you a few drops of water, and I think that’s refreshing also seen from the third-party sessions Restaurants to Dubai Mall good for the most part (such as Fridays restaurant, and Abdul Wahab, and Karam Beirut), but the crowds may disturb you viewing pleasure sometimes.

Fountain View of Dubai Mall versus seas market, or from the bridge that their understanding of the worst choices, and you try to avoid watching the fountain of there if you intend to enjoy their offers, or if you are an amateur photography.

Progress “Dubai Fountain” 9 daily quotes from the 6: 00 pm to 10: 00, at a rate display every half hour. And 15 presentation at the end of the week, from 4: 00 pm until the 11:00 at night. There are two presentations as well as the offer during the day, one per hour at noon, and the other, followed by half an hour.

Because the pictures may not reflect enough about how wonderful dancer Dubai Fountain, the following video may show them aside, and certainly remain live on the ground own charm to watch

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