Private Jet Experience

Private Jet Experience

Hard to do one trip around the world, where many of the tourist wasted precious time on the ground and air during transport. So what happens to the experience of traveling around the world when touring the traveler in a private jet and accompanied by one luxury since the beginning of the journey to the end?

Resorts and luxury hotels company Four Seasons announced updated vanguard in the field of first-class travel, the company offers through flights travel for 3 weeks touring the tourist world by the new Four Seasons plane and luxury and visits the 9 different destinations and staying in the coolest of the company’s resorts.

The plane carrying 52 passengers and include within it the finest first-class services in terms of seats are comfortable, spacious, and the coolest technological techniques and the finest food and beverages, and employs Hosts professionals, chefs, and photographer and tour guide and other professional staff aim to provide all the facilities and services for passengers.

Four Seasons company organized three trips in this plane through 2015, and the trip up to the individual price to $ 119,000 and the total duration of the trip three full weeks.

Private Jet Experience

The company has completed the first two trips for 2015 was the third full sale of tickets for the trip, which will be in August 2015. But you can now booking flights to 2016 next year that will occur on the following dates, which will visit these destinations:

1. January 26 to February 18: Los Angelos- Kona- Bora Bura- Bala- Sydney, Shanghai crown and Mumbaa- Brag- London shop
2. April 14 to May 7: Saatel- Tokyo, Beijing, Istanbul-San Almaldiv- Seringata- Boutrsberg- Marrakesh Boston
3. September 17 to October 11: Oostn- Costarica- Hawaa- Sydney to Ankkawi- Moriius- Seringata- Petra and sea Almit- Lisbon
4. November 4 to 22: London, Petra and sea Almit- Dubai Sychel- Seringata- Florensa- London

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