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Town Square , New Vital Destination in Dubai

Town Square

Nshama – Town Square , the private developer of integrated complexes of modern life characterized by its focus on achieving a unique value for investors, from the “Town Square” the largest project of its kind in Dubai level.

“Town Square” is a festive lifestyle lively outdoor, which helps people to live a healthy life in the modern, vibrant atmosphere. And establishes a new project to be launched soon, new standards on the level of residential complexes in the city, with easy access to the various facilities by incubating walk, and includes everything that is famous for its high-end features of life within an integrated complex is unparalleled.

In a move aimed at strengthening the functioning of developmental processes in the “Town Square” and other projects, the company “Nchama” announced the appointment of strategic management, which includes some of the brightest professionals who have collectively more than 100 years of experience in Dubai and global markets team. And The Fred Diori executive president of the company and Abu Bakr Syed Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer, leadership management team, where he oversaw previously important projects have become international landmarks all standards such as “Downtown Dubai” and “Dubai Marina” and “Arabian Ranches” and “Emirates Living” . The team will pay “Nchama” plans to draw new features for the sector to develop integrated residential complexes that enrich the lives of people at all levels.

“Town Square” project extends over an area of ​​750 acres and draws new features of the concepts of modern residential destinations, embracing a wide variety of homes “townhouse” which includes three or four bedrooms, as well as medium-rise buildings for residential apartments with one bedroom or two or three , offering exceptional value at all levels. The project is a complex sustainable smart connected, and focuses on the promotion of the methods of active life, full of inbuilt cultural and artistic inspiring elements. “Town Square” also includes a central garden and green spaces and wide enrich the unique character to be a tranquil haven and health of the population.

On this occasion, said Fred Diori: “dependent ‘Nshama’ evolutionarily new approach on the level of Dubai based mainly on Dubai’s plan in 2021 to consolidate the city’s position as a global as a preferred destination for housing, employment and tourism. The project focuses’ Town Square‘aly end users especially families and young people, and those who prefer to live in one hand and provide them with a distinctive choice in outdoor, adds a new dimension to the residential complexes projects in Dubai. ”

He Diori explaining: “will contribute to ‘Town Square’ new to meet the growing demand by professionals and families on the value of housing units in vital positions. The project is unique in many of the advantages and special ingredients that make up the design and development of all the elements and even the after-sales service. It will also be the project ‘Town Square’ vital role in the coverage of the growing demand for housing by the middle-income people, as our commitment to develop the provision of housing units characterized by their high quality and affordable prices. ”

He added: “Project ‘Town Square’ is characterized by being a smart complex fits the aspirations and needs of young people who want to live in a modern upscale area fit the physical potential, giving young people the opportunity to change their lives based on the lease and the acquisition of their own homes pattern. Planning is under way for all other ‘Nchama’ projects in a similar manner to meet the growing demand by end-users, based on our vision of the founding of the modern new destinations in Dubai, to ensure people have the opportunity to enjoy a distinctive lifestyle. ”
Will feature “Town Square” more than three thousand houses, “Town House” and 18 thousand apartments, in addition to the facilities dedicated to the hospitality and commercial spaces and large areas. The project is planned to establish a central point of modern shopping areas and restaurants as well as public squares, parks, mosques, educational institutions, health care centers and recreational facilities and foreign sports. The project’s land area of ​​31 million sq ft, high spaces between buildings at a rate which allows a greater opportunity to promote the sustainable nature of the green.

It will be stylish for the project “Town Square” of the most prominent features of the project area and is overseen by a group of prominent civil engineers and architects of the areas in the world. And permeate throughout the project paths natural paved running, and includes the Centers Fitness mast outdoor gardens ski dedicated to children’s games and green gardens, swimming pools and areas in addition to the custom bicycle tracks that make up the impressive addition for fans of the sport and a new option for them with a path capability for bicycles Street.

And to enhance the value it provides, “Town Square” is centrally located in New Dubai close to the “Al Barsha” area and many of the famous shopping malls, as well as easy access to the “Al Maktoum International Airport” in less than 20 minutes. The project simulates elegant lacquered finest lifestyle centers, which beats the positive dynamic spirit.

In keeping with the nature of a multi-cultural city of Dubai, will feature “Town Square” a variety of restaurants and cafes that convergence of all tastes, including the trendy cafes and restaurants which are ideal destinations to meet with friends and family. Many high-end international brands also will be present across distinct outlets enrich the entertainment value of the project.

Will develop a “Town Square” project under the supervision of a management team includes some of the brightest experts in the field of development of distinctive designs that meet the aspirations of the younger generation of integrated projects.

Works Fred Diori, a civil engineer, in the region since 1986. He was a big role in all of the items relating to the design and creation of giant projects such as “Burj Khalifa” and “The Dubai Mall” and “The Address Hotels and Resorts,” and other distinctive projects within “Dubai city “center, as it was for his prominent role in the completion and delivery of a number of high-profile projects, including the” Dubai Marina. “

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