Saih Al Salam

Saih Al Salam Lakes

Saih Al Salam Lakes Located in the desert, sprawling on the outskirts of Dubai, which surprised every now and then visitors oases of green and lakes charming, and the most beautiful of these lakes in Dubai Saih Al Salam Lakes near the areas of Marmum and Alesala, a green spot amid the sand dunes Tenseek desert sun harsh to left untouched from a group of green trees planted in the road leading to it.

Saih Al Salam

Saih Al Salam on the 25-kilometer distance from the center of Dubai, where it can be accessed via the power using small cars street where tubeless road SUV, which through interesting for tourists and amateur driving on dirt roads, with dramatic views at the top of the sand hills, can also be take lakes adjacent to the sands charming views

Saih Al Salam Characterized by calm and charming nature, as has the white sand dunes behind the lakes directly, also covers the nearby area of lakes dense trees, a local trees such as the famous Ghaf trees that shade the coast of lakes and create recreation sessions in a very fun and relaxing.

the Lakes haven for migratory birds, where it attracted many different types of birds, specifically in the lake first near the street, which is characterized by great scenes for different types of bird shape and colors and many sizes, where many species nested in Ghaf trees and became inhabited permanently, and others lake station to rest during the long migration journey.

Swim in the waters of Saih Al Salam lakes ducks that settled in the area groups, although native in ponds, rivers and coastal areas on the shores of the sea, as observed visiting lakes arap soaring birds in the skies, which feed on the Lakes fish, this for the passage of wild animals on the sand dunes surrounding lakes such as deer, which merely between now and then along the road leading to the lakes.

Saih Al Salam

The birds and ducks specifically, sounds do not stop playing on the strings of the vast desert, in a wonderful symphony gives the place a different elegance. Visitors notes flocks of ducks crammed in more than Lake; floats above the water since early morning until the evening hours, then return to the homes prepared specially on the edge of lakes.

Lakes look like a haven for migratory birds, once you touch them, especially in the lake first near the street, you can see many different types of bird shape and size, some of them taken from Oasis station relax on their migration route, while others settled center nearby trees attractive to live and survive, as Dana is the case of Dubai world and Dora the desert.

The trip to Saih Al Salam lakes since the early morning, especially in the spring days and before the high temperature in the region a great place for recreation and fun as playing flocks of ducks and birds musical fun earn the place a special taste, with views of ducks swimming in the water from sunrise until the evening, where back in swarms of houses that are specially house to house on the edge of lakes.

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