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10 interesting information you did not know about the DSF, facts and jokes to prove the success and fame of this festival in the world, do you have an add?

Who have not heard about DSF? This is a “season season”, especially with its launch on 26 December to 28 January 2017, we heard a lot about this festival and saw the splendor of its “prices” and events and activities organized annually, but there are many interesting and exciting information about the background and achievements of the Dubai Shopping Festival, The impressive success of this important business and tourism event in Dubai is a great source of information about the Dubai Shopping Festival. Have you heard of it before? Do you have additions and other information?

1 Dubai Shopping Festival is not just a shopping festival

It is a tourist and entertainment event for all visitors

Although the main theme of this festival is “shopping”, it is much larger. It is an important tourist, cultural and entertainment event in the Middle East and the world, and includes many activities for families and young people such as fireworks, carnivals, food festivals, concerts and many more. , Which means in short that it is not limited to only trips and lovers of shopping.

2 The Dubai Shopping Festival is the longest ever entertainment festival to date

The Dubai Shopping Festival was first organized in 1996 and has been going on for more than 20 years to this day, although expectations at the beginning of its organization were not “optimistic” for more than 5 or 10 years, indicating that the festival exceeded all expectations and achieved a lot of Tourism and economic victories, and people to this day enjoy more than 30 days of activities and activities entertaining and amazing.

3 The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most award-winning festivals

Not all that glitters in Dubai “gold” may be a “car”

The most important feature of DSF is the quantity and quality of gifts and prizes distributed during the festival. The awards began with the distribution of “Kilograms” of gold, to include today draws on the profit of luxury cars and cash prizes of up to 150 thousand dirhams.

4 The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most spectacular festivals to see

Most expensive brands at the lowest prices!

The most popular thing for shoppers to the Dubai Festival is the never-ending prices. Discounts and discounts on world famous brands are 50 or 70 percent, sometimes 90 percent. People are often surprised at the most amazing prices on goods, electronics and clothing from the finest stores and at the lowest possible cost. To find one in the market.

5 development and growth in malls and malls

The march of the thousand “market” begins with “Mall”

With the start of the Dubai Shopping Festival in 1996, Dubai was home to only a few dozen shopping malls. At the best of times, with the great rush of people to attend DSF every year, there was an urgent need to expand shopping, 70 commercial centers in addition to traditional and open markets throughout Dubai.

6 More than 3 million visitors a year to the Dubai Shopping Festival

Another example of the success of the Dubai Shopping Festival is that more than 3 million visitors a year, with a spending and sales volume of AED 9 billion, can be increased every year.

7 The festival, which has the most famous “slogan”

As soon as we say the DSF, we have a picture of a shopping bag with a drawing for a happy family, as well as the famous slogan “One World, One Family, One Festival.” These brands and logos have become the most popular promotions for any festival in the world. Its worth until today.

8 welcome and warm reception for guests with the start of the festival

Did you know that the visitors to the DSF were starting from the airport? Visitors to Dubai were welcomed during the festival and on the first day of the festival, through the “bouquets of roses”, the “sultans of the sultans”, the Arabic coffee and the dates, and thus the visitor of Dubai feels like an “important figure” waiting for the festival “on warmer days.”

9 Fully booked hotels during the festival period

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most popular events to attract tourists to the city. This is reflected in the booking of hotels in Dubai. More than 90% of hotel rooms are booked during the festival. In 1996 with thousands of rooms reaching today tens of thousands of hotel rooms in hundreds of hotels.

10 The festival was mainly directed to traders and businessmen

Today, Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for family tourism. Dubai was not twenty years ago a popular tourist destination in the region

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