JW Marriott Marquis Dubai ,The longest in the world commemorates the second anniversary of its foundation

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JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
This month marks the second anniversary of the founding of the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, the biggest star in the United Arab Emirates five hotel, since the historic opening ceremony, which stay in the month of February 2013. The hotel, which includes the 1608 room dedicated to events and facilities spread over an area of ​​8 thousand square meters, the hotel is the longest in the world as it embodies a milestone in a series of international Marriott hotels.

In the context of welfare services provided by the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, restaurants fourteen and lounges luxury, contributed to by the health product yuppie and meeting facilities, conferences and events evolving in the consolidation of the hotel status as a leading destination strengthen the UAE’s ability to meet travelers for business and leisure alike .

In just two years, the hotel managed to make tangible contributions to the travel and tourism industry accelerated growth in the United Arab Emirates, where he managed since it opened to maintain the occupancy rate reached 80% in 2014 from part of 1608 rooms and suites comprising the, this, as well as its contribution to the increase in the number of rooms hotel in the emirate, which aims to create 160 thousand rooms by 2020 have revealed new data on the results achieved in hotel bookings and leisure travelers in 2014 in five global markets, with occupancy rate reached a record 22.9% in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and (19.2%) in the United States and Canada, and (15.7%) in Western Europe, and 8.8% in Asia. Regarding bookings groups, the local record was (31.8%), and (16.6%) in Western Europe, and 15.4% in Asia, and (6.4%) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and (5.4%) in North African countries.

Keen Emirates Group, the parent company of the project, to create a hotel conference match in the services and facilities available world-class hotels in New York, Hong Kong and Paris, to emphasize the prestigious Dubai’s status as a destination for hosting international conferences. In line with the rapid expansion within the Emirates network paths, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai will continue to target new markets around the world in general and the BRICS countries, in particular, in the quest to achieve greater development in this area. The hotel is unique in that it only business hotel in the United Arab Emirates equipped to accommodate groups of more than 1,000 people, and provide them with a dining services exceptional and overnight, which seemed clear when hosting incentives Company “NuSkin” Chinese meeting in 2014, which is the largest meeting witnessed by the city of Dubai.

Seeks JW Marriott Marquis Dubai to support the continued efforts of the tourism trade and tourist shopping circle to promote knowledge about what Dubai has to offer as a leading destination for business events. In line with the vision of Dubai in 2020 for the development of the tourism sector, partners such as the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is working to double the tourists who visit Dubai in 2020 to reach 20 million tourists, compared with 10 million tourists visited the emirate in 2012 numbers, since the strategy aims to double the number of tourists in the sector hospitality for up to 17 million tourists by 2020, while the increase in tourists in order to work up to a range between 50% to 75%, equivalent to 3.5 million tourists.

In light of the preparations for 2020, is characterized by   JW Marriott Marquis in its ability to host a large number of guests and global events within facilities that provide services 24 hours a day, as well as its proximity to the main site of the Expo Dubai International 2020. Through outstanding architectural design, which resembles the Palm , towers JW Marriott Marquis won wide acclaim as teachers prominent on the horizon of Business Bay, where  strategically located between the old and new city, as well as the proximity of airports in Dubai. To meet various global tastes, the hotel features a 9 prestigious restaurants and 5 lounges, a world-class resort and a gym and halls concerts as well as 32 meeting room, knowing that they will be providing a private and free shuttle services for guests Offers Expo 2020. In line with the UAE government aimed initiatives to position Dubai as a destination global fine for meetings and incentives, conferences and exhibitions,  JW Marriott Marquis continues his quest to attract international conferences and meetings by providing unrivaled facilities confirms its position as the hotel’s most popular for international business travelers.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has succeeded in reaching new heights of excellence in the hospitality industry, where he won 31 national and international awards since it opened. During 2014, the hotel won international titles prestigious, which included the best comprehensive business hotel in the Middle East “Business Traveller Middle East”, and won the title of the Academy of the coronation of excellence and quality as the best hotel in the United Arab Emirates in terms of quality and excellence. It should be noted that the category of foods and drinks won the largest number of awards, which amounted to 10 regional awards from prestigious magazines such as “Time Out Dubai” and “BBC Good Food” and “What’s On”.

It also won the Restaurant “Kitchen 6” on the lion’s share of awards, where he won the best international restaurant of the “What’s On” award for two years in a row. The advantage of a restaurant “Kitchen 6” for its ability to host groups of 350 people and provide them with distinct dishes across 6 cooking neighborhood stations. Included award-winning restaurants also Indian restaurant “Rang Mahal” which is run by chef-winning star Michelin Atul Kochhar, the restaurant “Tung Tai”, which offers Asian dishes within Oriental atmosphere, which won the “Time Out” award as the best Thai restaurant in Dubai. In a related development, the hotel confirmed its commitment to the principles of social responsibility, and when it awarded the ISO 14001 certification excellent environmental practices, note that the first hotel in the Marriott hotels in 67 series that achieves such an achievement.

On the occasion of two years after the hotel establishment, Bill Kiefer, general manager of JW Marriott Dubai: “We are proud of the achievements of the hotel winning numerous awards, where we have succeeded in the reduction of design concepts striking and excellence in the services within the brand JW Marriott.” He added: “JW Marriott Marquis stressed the leading position occupied by the UAE market, Mercia new standards in the luxury hospitality sector in the region and the world. Despite the clarity of our achievements in the United Arab Emirates, but we are still striving towards further expansion and growth. ”

With respect to the designation “Marquis”, they are earmarked for specific hotels located in certain cities. And provides the finest comfort, technology and personal service, meeting rooms, privacy, global services level levels.

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