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Why on my car insurance policy is valid for 13 months In UAE ?

You must have noticed, the insurance policy on the car are valid for 13 months – even if the car registration valid for only 12 months.

If you are wondering why, the additional month is allow to keep your car locked even after the end of the registration period expires.

Remember to get your system to renew your car insurance and register before the end of the thirteenth month, which is the grace period in order to avoid falling under penalty of a fine, or costs incurred in the event of an accident due to the expiration of your insurance policy. Police Stgrmk for each day the vehicle is not registered.

How is my car insurance is calculated?

Your distinctive is calculated according to a number of factors, such as age, years the car manufacturer and the number of months validity of your system insurance.

donor, your insurance whether your featured will be calculated based on the 12-month or 13-month high. Most insurance companies will be calculated based on your unique 12-month rather than 13 months. Technically this means that the thirteenth month free, let’s say you are then you change the insurance company.

When should I renew insurance plans?

Additional month is to make sure you’re covered by insurance coverage for the period of time that you need to renew your vehicle registration. You may renew the insurance plan before the end of the thirteenth month, especially when you need to register your car for next year. But your insurance donor will remind you of the date of the expiration of the insurance plan before the passage of the year (the twelfth month).

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