Electric Car Charging Station in Dubai

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Charging power station in Dubai

Is now electric cars or hybrids that require electrical energy an integral part of the European personal use and the US, the demand for such cars to foreign markets is increasing day after the other, because the car is working card is not contaminated and do not pay high costs in the price of fuel “gasoline, diesel stations” , and in the Arab world, everyone thought that we are running late too in such technology.

Today UAE has proven it’s really a measure of responsibility and of the first Arab countries to keep pace with progress and technological development dramatically, and so has the official opening of the first electric station for electric cars and hybrids, and is something which will greatly help the spread of these types of cars in United Arab Emirates and it is supposed to see the future in all the Gulf states.

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Electric car charging station in Dubai

Chosen by the UAE emirate of Dubai in order to be Her head start in setting up electric by the station, and under the heading “charging station electric vehicles Electric Vehicle Charging Station” was taken initial pictures of the station and are you charge the car Tesla model of the new X, where the station is not large in size and but they do the job required of them with high efficiency and with a simple and elegant appearance

Since last June and Electricity Authority in Dubai has announced that it will work on this project until you reach the green charging stations for electric cars by December of this year to 100 charging station, as it will provide 3 types of shipping and are fast shipping, which takes approximately text hour to charge the car and the Mediterranean shipping, which takes approximately 3 hours and also domestic shipping, which takes between 6 hours and up to 8 hours.

And shipping tariff of 29 fils per kilowatt hour and this tariff will be used both in the stations on the streets or in domestic shipping process.

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