Fine For Not Renewing Car Registration in Duabi

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Renewing Car Registration

Renewing Car Registration

Many people try to know the conditions and procedures of ownership of  car in Dubai but to no avail because of the many details that may appear to be simple but are put in a very complex, must know all the details of the documents required for ownership and dealing with fees or irregularities correctly and must know the most important areas The renewal of the vehicle papers in Dubai and all other details.

All of this we try hard to provide in a simplified way to help the citizen follower our site and through all the questions posed by many of the knowledge is not complete all the procedures correctly without problems or obstacles and clarify in the questions asked by people.

What is the difference between renewing of a new and old car?

1 – In the case of buying a new car, the car agency all procedures of ownership and the owner of the car then renew the property every year.

2 – In the case of buying a used car, the owner of the car will do all the procedures of ownership every year.

How do I renew my car ownership?

1 – Any irregularities accumulated on the car must be paid, if any.

2 – then check the car well and see the register of its own in the passage of Dubai or the passage of the place registered.

3 – Payment of all required fees and receipt of an official receipt.

4 – It is supposed to be at some time to your role in receiving the valid property card for one year because traffic checks the papers well.

5 – The administration gives the owner of the car a poster at the end of registration to put it on the number plate in the back of the ticket and also to know the traffic policeman.

What documents are required to renew the car?

1 – Holding the old property of the car owner.

2. Car insurance policy.

3 – Certificate to complete the examination of the car and all the details.

AlMarror confirms that the most important stages of renewing the license of the car must be a comprehensive examination of the car and this is to receive a full certificate after that to progress in the renewal of the license, but the examination requires many important details and in light of these details there are some questions posed by some of the knowledge and those questions as follows:

What do I do before I check my car?

1 – We clean the car and repair any malfunctions.

2 – Care to clean the car number plate.

3 – It must be confirmed that the fire extinguisher and safety triangle and spare tire are present because they are necessary and specialist in the management of the examination is completed and recorded in the report.

4 – Ensure that no stickers are placed on the car except with official permission from the Transportation Authority.

What documents are required for the examination?

1 – Ownership papers of the car.

2 – Customs clearance papers for the car and this if the car imported from abroad.

3 – Documents to release the car from the Traffic Department and this if the owner will be out of the country.

4 – Insurance policy papers on the car and in effect.

5- UAE official card for the owner of the car.

6 – In the case of any commercial customers must have a commercial license for the owner of the car.

Are there privileges in the examination and renewal cases?

1. New cars shall be exempted from inspection services for two consecutive years.

2 – Some companies provide all fees for registration and this as a guarantee of its work and must be sure the insurance company for all details.

3 – The car pledged to the bank must be provided upon renewal to provide a receipt from the bank to settle all debts.

4 – There is a service provided by the Traffic Department in Dubai, a personal attendance service for those who did not have time to complete the procedures.

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