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In this article, we will show you the conditions of the vehicle ownership procedures in the Emirate of Dubai. We will answer some questions about the required documents, fees, fines, and places where the car can be renewed.

What about new car ownership and used car ownership?

When you purchase a new car, the car agency takes the registration procedure in the first year and then renews the car ownership once a year
If you buy a used car, you should renew the car ownership yourself once a year.

Steps To Renew Car license?

1. Pay the violations if any.
2. Check the vehicle and register it with the Dubai Traffic Department or any other traffic department in the UAE.
3. Pay the required fees.
4. When it is your turn, receive the new property card (valid for one year).
5. Get a poster on the expiration date and install it on the back panel.

Documents Required To Renewal Car license

1- Car insurance policy.
2- The old property card.
3- Certificate of passing the vehicle examination successfully.

Where can I check my car ownership?
Authorized agents for vehicle inspection by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai

Insurance companies

Insurance companies shall follow the same procedures and same electronic facilities available at RTA Customer Service Centers and their authorized agents, including:

Nour Takaful
Oman Insurance Company
Fujairah National Insurance Company
Royal & Sun Insurance Company

Requirements Before performing a vehicle check

Cleaning the vehicle, and repairing any malfunction in mirrors, lights, or wheels.

Clean the vehicle number plate.

Remove the cover underneath the vehicle (if any).

Make sure there is a safety triangle and a backup frame and fire extinguisher.

It is prohibited to place advertisements or posters of any kind on the vehicle without the prior approval of RTA.

 Documents required for examination

Ownership of the vehicle.

Customs papers issued by one of the customs departments of the State in case the vehicle is imported.

Passports issued by a Traffic Department in the State in the event of the intention of transporting the vehicle.

Papers issued by RTA.

Obtaining a valid insurance policy for the vehicle.

Emirates National Identity

Ownership of the vehicle

A copy of the business license [applies only to commercial customers]

How long does it take?

The vehicle inspection may take an average of 15 minutes, while the vehicle service time range from the beginning of delivery of the vehicle is 20-40 minutes, depending on the intensity of the reviewers and your compliance with the rules and conditions of the inspection.
The validity of the RTA Technical Examination Certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and you must complete the process after the examination within the validity period of the test certificate.


New cars are exempted from inspection for three consecutive years.

Some companies take all registration procedures for an additional fee, including receiving and returning your car. You can also check with your insurance company. Many insurance companies offer this service either for free or for a certain fee.

If your car is mortgaged to the bank and you have paid all the installments due to you, you must present a clearance from the bank.

If you do not have enough time to register your car, you can use the RTA Personal Attendance Service. You must come to the customer service center only once to register your personal data and then send a text message to your mobile phone with your own private number. After that, you can send your representative along with the secret code to carry out licensing procedures at the RTA

Car Renewal Fee

Car inspection: AED 120
Registration fee: AED 340

* Excluding additional charges imposed by insurance companies.

A fine not to renew or delay the renewal of ownership of the car in the Emirate of Dubai

According to the Roads & Transport Authority of Dubai, a fine not to renew the ownership of the car at the specified time of 10 dirhams per 3 months delay fine, in addition to 250 dirhams per year for nonrenewal, and the closure of the traffic file so that no transaction is completed only after the renewal of vehicles ended .

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