Select Best Dubai Cleaning Services For Peace Of Mind And Value For Money

Select Best Cleaning Services For Peace Of Mind And Value For Money
Which is the best cleaning company in Dubai? Which one offers the best residential and commercial Dubai cleaning services with trained and experienced cleaning agents at best rates? Which cleaning company in Dubai offer customers like you a wide range premium cleaning services at best bargain rates? How to find and manage the maids and cleaners from your area? Be it a home cleaning service or office cleaning service, how are you going to find Dubai cleaning services company that not only offers the best and most consistent cleaning service but also understand client’s unique requirements. For all of us, time is precious, a trusted cleaning services Dubai company can help people spend more quality time with their dear and near ones.

You may be of the opinion that selecting Dubai cleaning services to manage and maintain your facility would be relatively easy, but it is actually not. Maintenance service managers from across Dubai and outskirts know that preserving cleanliness with the best of the breed of cleaning workers is not easy. It’s not easy to find a service that treats its customers differently. Just like two homes are not alike, the way one medicine does not fit all, similarly, cleaning services also have to be different for different houses and flats. There needs to be a customized service so that clients get a tailor made cleaning services. Dubai being a large prosperous metropolis attracts workforce from across the world, and especially from third world and developing countries. It is immensely important that skilled and trained cleaning agents are hired. Cleaning companies are aplenty in any cities of the world, but in affluent cities like Dubai the requirement is more complex and dynamic.

The commercial cleaning industry has become a $80 billion industry. Due to this there are many cleaning services claiming to be Best Dubai Cleaning Services, Premium Cleaning Company Dubai, Affordable Cleaning Services Dubai etc. But one has to be sure of its requirements. There are some who have decided to go through franchise routes, and then you have local service centers. From small to medium to large, all kinds of services are available with all kinds of services. In Dubai, the commercial cleaning companies offer services which mostly fit in the following areas:

Basic Practices

Vacuum or Mop Floor Surfaces

Vacuum Furniture in Family Room

Clean Sliding Glass Doors (one set included with Standard Cleaning)

Remove Cobwebs

Dust Windowsills and Baseboards

Spot Clean Light Switch Plates

Make Beds

Tidy Rooms

Dust All Woodwork

Dust Ceiling Fans within Reach

Dust Window Blinds

Empty Trash

Kitchen Services

Clean & Sanitize All Countertops

Stove top, drip pans, under burners

Clean & Sanitize Sink and Faucets

Inside/outside door

Closets, under range top, control knobs

Range vent, filters

Clean Outside of All Appliances

Dishwasher in/out

Clean Inside of Microwave

Dishwasher in/out

Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors

Refrigerator/Freezer, shelves/drawers,

Breakfast bar

Wipe Off Table and Chairs

Cabinets, shelves/drawers, handles/

Countertops, tile & grout


Lazy Susan

Sinks, stains, disposal, polish chrome

Dust Baseboards

Clean Floor

Trash compactor in/out

Pantry, floors, shelves, door


Bathroom related cleaning services

Clean & Sanitize Counter and Sink

Clean & Sanitize Shower and Tub

Clean & Sanitize Toilet

Shine Mirrors and Chrome

Vacuum and Sanitize Floor

Dust Light Fixtures within Reach

Dust Baseboards

Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors

Fold Towels

Spot Clean Walls


Let’s take a look at the facilities and capabilities of cleaning companies in Dubai. Depending on your requirements, size of areas and other factors like what floors are made of, one can zoom into the service provider for more insight. Can it do comprehensive cleaning of every corner and room of the property? Or, for that matter, ad-hoc spring cleaning? Do you have establishments across multiple locations? If yes, look out for someone with a presence in those areas. Selecting a local agency will invariably lead to the agency outsourcing your contract to other local vendors thus increasing your cost and probably you get less ownership anyway.

If the facility is large or relatively mid-sized, there probably will be more than one locations to be cleaned. Cleaning more than one area economically also makes sense, because separate cleaning will be charged more. From supermarket to office space to theatre to hospital to airport or bus depots or warehouse, floors everywhere have to be cleaned routinely. We also have to consider the kind of surfaces the floors will have. Are they ceramic, vinyl or concrete? Windows also need special attention. If it’s a big retail mall, different departments like meat, bakery, fruits, vegetables have to cleaned. If it’s a hospital, there will be a mandate to clean the zones even more than a normal commercial place. If it’s a school, the management will have the mandate to meet hygiene level and standard, just like hospitals. There is another aspect, be it a mall, school or hospital, the concerned management will make sure that shoppers, patients and students get high standards of cleanliness and that everyone remains safe and healthy. So, selecting a right cleaning service who can do justice to required mandate holds the key. An agency which has proven experience in relevant field is important.

Let’s take a look at top 10 pertaining questions before you select a right cleaning services from Dubai.

  1. Is it specialized in said sector or domain?
  2. Is it a franchisee company? If yes, can it carry out services at different locations? If required, can the firm tie up with a location vendor if it itself does not have a service there?
  3. Does it have enough resource mobilization experience at short notice?
  4. Does the agency or its support agency employ child labor or any unethical business practice?
  5. Does it use standard and ethical products?
  6. What are the agency’s current client portfolio?
  7. Does it have reference from the client? Will it be able to furnish three references?
  8. Does it have all legal permissions to carry out activities in one or many locations?
  9. Is the agency covered with adequate insurance? If anything goes wrong during cleaning activity, does it have liability insurance to protect you from imminent liability.
  10. Does it maintain employees’ insurance compensation mandates as per the law of Dubai? It’s important to check the papers and we should not be carried away by oral promises.

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