If you are having some financial needs and looking for ideal financial support, go ahead with Loan in Dubai without Salary Transfer.

If you are having some financial needs and looking for ideal financial support, go ahead with Loan in Dubai without Salary Transfer.
Are you looking out for a personal loan support in Dubai? Do you need it as soon as possible? If yes, there is no need to feel as you have lots of options to make selection from. Loan in Dubai without Salary Transfer is required as an ideal solution which allows salaried expatriates associated in the UAE to take benefits from an easy loan without going through the difficulty of transferring salary. There are numbers of banks out there that are designed to support to avail funds speedily and suitably to meet your planned or unforeseen borrowing requirements. Whether you are paying for kids’s education, annual rent, handling some sort of medical emergency, things can craft it happen quickly and convenient!

Specification & Advantages:

  • It provides you a chance to make a choice of a loan amounts up to AED 150,000
  • The money is offered at highly competitive and pocket friendly rates of interest for everyone.
  • Easy refund loan tenure is offered that is up to 48 months.
  • There is no need of Salary Transfer or even collateral necessary
  • Uncomplicated paperwork is required to follow up and fast processing
  • Get Salaam points upfront on your credit and take benefits from shopping for free across UAE
  • You can even look ahead Islamic finance choice.

There are simple and easy eligibility to get qualifies for the loan:

  • To get approval for the loan, your monthly salary should be at least of AED 12,000
  • You should be doing job from last 6 months and should have employment with present company.
  • The loan payment along with the generally normal monthly installments should not go beyond 50% of the monthly income

Have a look on the important papers that are compulsory to attach with the form. Any mistake in any of the papers can stops you from taking benefits from the loan.

  • Enclose copy of Passport and Valid Residence Visa
  • Copy of valid Emirates ID
  • Current salary Certificate
  • previous 3 months bank statement
  • Direct Debit Form
  • Security Cheque for the applicant loan amount
  • Personal Loan Application Form

Where you can use UAE Personal Loans?

You can use it for numbers of requirements such as merge debts including combining several credit cards or other arrears into single loan, planning for holidays with family / friends, to modernize your home, to plan that majestic wedding, Fund self / child’s Education requirements, focus to Medical requirements, Investing money in profitable opportunities and personal requirements among others.

If you are planning to buy a car or any other vehicle and having insufficient bank account, car loan in Dubai would be right choice for you. It allows you to fulfill your dreams without any difficulty.

How is the EMI calculated?

EMI also known as Equated Monthly Installment is measured on the total amount of your loan, the loan term, 1st due date and the yearly interest charges.

Additionally Benefits are:

  • No compulsory need of transferring salary
  • Zero balance on present account for personal loans better than or equal to AED 25,000. Use Cheque Book facility and a Debit card
  • Contact to wide ATM and Branch System
  • One can use wide ATM and Branch network
  • Use extremely friendly Online and Mobile Banking services
  • Packaged Propositions and unique Campaigns

So, managing your financial life would easy and trouble now with loan in Dubai banks. You can easily borrow the money required as per your needs.

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